Neon Fishy Flume

UPDATE: One of a number of paintings by me that was lost in storage. Hope whomever bought the contents of 1804 enjoy them. Acrylic on plywood, 2' X 4'. Registered & 


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Vivian Gutierrez 06 Jul 2008

Awesome work!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Vivian!

Michael Easter 03 Jun 2007

Betty, When I saw the thumbnail for this painting I couldn't get it up on the screen fast enough. This is so wonderful a painting. I can't imagine the thought that went into it. It is scally like a fish or leaffy like a plant but oh so colorful. I could see this as a columnar painting in the entrance way to a mall or big area such as a festival ! AWESOME work.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Funny you mentioned that. It is on my wall, and I Still! look at it with admiration. I can't believe they come out of me. I paint little by little and get aggravated all during the process because the colors don't match up to what is in my head, or it doesn't look right, and then at some point it is done, and I just stare at it for a good while. My brother says it looks like those old-fashioned christmas lights we used to put on the eaves of the house . Thanks again. I looked at your work and all the comments. I have to say your work is AWESOME as well. My fave is the nude male trio and the comment about the speciMEN. Fabulous.

Ruth Kauffman 29 May 2007

Very nice and colorful abstract work, Betty!! Welcome to AW!

Artist Reply: Thank you It has been in a fire and has some soot on it, but the colors still stand out.

Charles Jones 29 May 2007

Nice feel to this, Betty, like a school of neon fish shooting upward to the surface in colorful unison. Good acrylic!

Artist Reply: Thank you That is exactly the effect I wanted. I had a time getting all those different colors though. Hard not to duplicate too many.