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Here is my second painting in the style of Alberto D'Assumpcao. It is the companion piece to "Illusions."

Many thanks to Alberto for his kindness in allowing me to use his style in my work.

Thanks all for making this the Number 1 image for the Day in All Galleries on May 22, 2007! Much appreciated!


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Ron Bedsole 28 May 2018

nice one

Miguel Moraes 19 Oct 2008

Beautiful work Emily!

jacob hostetler 19 Mar 2008

love the design over all

Carl Huffman 20 Dec 2007

Good title, I see the strokes of assurance in the arcs. Beautiful selection of colors.

Louis Vuittonet 03 Dec 2007

Great Work

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Nov 2007

hey congrats on mind set free in art creation process.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Oct 2007

I love this style of painting and drawing by you. It is wonderful in it simplicity. Admiration, Bob.

Melanie Lamprill 29 Sep 2007


Ron Atkin 10 Jul 2007

Happy energy eminating from your watercolour Emily.

Visionary Imagist 30 Jun 2007

Great composition!! eclectic in color and shape.very well done!!!

jamie Le'Paul 16 Jun 2007

This has a happy feel to it, I like its lightness of colour Emily nice work

Dave Matke 27 May 2007

i like this a lot

Doris B. Lambling 25 May 2007

fulfilled with joyful and playful happiness :))

Amanda Tucker 22 May 2007

this is cool

Carrie Ann Watson 22 May 2007

I love it Emily! You did an excellent representation of his work! Wonderful colors and pattern, it sure is a beautiful abstract! :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 May 2007

I love this Emily, brilliant colors..I am having so many computer problems missed so much of your work, but I have the many art watches saved to get through..

KATHY NEPIA 21 May 2007

very bright -nice watercolor.

Thomas Reed 21 May 2007

nice look

Joanna Jungjohann 21 May 2007


Robin Foss 21 May 2007

Very interesting, cool colors.

Francis Rivera 21 May 2007

Very beautiful! Lovely colors! ^_^

Cindy Lemoi 21 May 2007

Great Job Emily, I love the colors and shapes.

Lilli Ladewig 21 May 2007

I like the colours you have used for this composition

jamie winter 21 May 2007

Very very great Emily

Patty Day 21 May 2007

Very nice work my friend!!

Mayme Crouse 21 May 2007

it is fun to branch out and try something new.....great job Emily

bharat jagtap 21 May 2007

simple form deserves best composition! feel nice,

Barry Penchansky 21 May 2007

very different. wonderful abstract

Eva Rogers 21 May 2007

nice work,,,,,

Elf Evans 21 May 2007

Goldern Triangle revisited and superbly executed...

Reba McDonald 21 May 2007

Interesting work Emily.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 21 May 2007

Wonderful composition and colours, Emily!!!

jane fabrycki 21 May 2007

Like it.

Cathy Holford 21 May 2007

Very cool!

Gautam Thoidingjam 21 May 2007

Cool!!! I like the geometrical shapes too. It's me the above. I forgot to log in!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 May 2007

Cool!!! I like the geometrical shapes too.

Kathie Nichols 21 May 2007


John Swift 21 May 2007

Very nice, Emily.

Blue Doll 21 May 2007

Pretty Painting indeed...... so many happy colors.... wonderfull

cynthia berridge 21 May 2007

beautiful Emily

Lucia Stewart 21 May 2007

Wow, this is awesome rendering Emily! Alberto is such a fantastic artist!!!