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January, 2004..... I remember this day as our 1st real hike after the holidays. The week before we had had one of our horrible windstorms....Enumclaw and it's neighbor town, Buckley, sustained lots of damage. It was nothing compared to what many of you experience with hurricanes and tornadoes, but occasionally we get winds coming thru the pass that reach 80 to 100 mph. Our two towns get hit hard and towns 10 miles away feel only a mildly, windy day. So I guess it wasn't that big a suprize when we came upon the 1st bridge on the Greenwater Lakes trail. We were just getting warmed up when we got stopped dead in our tracks. This is one of the occasions where I tell her, "You go first." She made it down to the offending log....lots of sliding on the 3 inches of packed ice and quite a drop to the other half of the bridge, with very cold water underneath. So we turned around and found somewhere else to spend the afternoon....probably lunch at the Greenwater Lodge, don't remember.

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Aqua1955 17 Aug 2010

Love the way they put this trail inside it's natural suroundings

epsylon lyrae 27 Apr 2007

Looks dangerous!!Must of been terrible wind to knock down that big tree!

M. Usman Ul Haq 26 Apr 2007

Wow.. Beautiful!!

Lauren Munger 25 Apr 2007

Whoa! That's one slippery slope!!!

Karen Cash 25 Apr 2007

oh my!! looks trecherous! great shot!