Sea of Sorrow...

Today Israel remembers the victims of wars and terror.The price of Israel independence.Photos taken at a memorial day,a year ago,in a cemetery .With deep sorrow in my heart...With a prayer for PEACE,all over the world...Copyrights myself.


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Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 25 Apr 2007

thank you for these images dear Nira.

Thom Roslan 23 Apr 2007

Peace for Isreal.....Peace for the World.......Peace for You & Me ! Each & Everyone of those people have a "sorrow" in their hearts.......It's like our Memorial Day here in the USA......Great Capture Niri !

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 23 Apr 2007

Perfect title for these Powerful moving photo's!!!Thanks for sharing!!!Peace to Israel!!!

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Apr 2007

very sad indeed Nira so very much

Joke Schotting 23 Apr 2007

Touching images dear Friend!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Apr 2007

Yes, its like the sea of so many sad people come to respect the memory of too many dear victims of wars and terror.Too difficult price to pay, for our the independence , defense of our state. I know its a very small picture taken out of a much large sad picture in reality.Great meaningful tributes, Nira.

Artist Reply: Yes...perhaps the saddest day of Israel.It is a terrible price to pay for the existence of our country...UNFORTUNATELY,It seems this sea of sorrow is wider and deeper.And...its true this is tiny part of a much large picture of grief .THANKS AGAIN...Let it be PEACE !

Alberto D'Assumpcao 23 Apr 2007

Splendid captures again, Nira!!!

Reba McDonald 23 Apr 2007

It's a wonderful dream Nira. Hope some day it will be realized.

Artist Reply: Yes,Reba..I hope one day perhaps more people will realize the dream of peace.And then maybe this dream can come true..i wish i pray with all my heart... ...And then I'll ask what does people really does to make a dream come true...? they...?...can they?...Can a dream became real like a magic...?...Thanks so very much ,Reba you are a BLESSING IN AW.

José Fortunato 23 Apr 2007

Peace to the world ! I think it may be achieved . Just let Women the place and time to do so !

Loredana 23 Apr 2007


Emily Reed 23 Apr 2007