Colorado Feed and Grain

Just had to show off this lovely wood building one more time, it's for sale you know. Downtown Timnath, next to the tracks. Got living space upstairs, and has been an art gallery, feed and grain, and a bar... who knows what it will do next? Not a bunch of traffic, but a cute place. I heard rumors that when it was a bar it was shut down after a motorcycle run (several hundred bikes) came thru town with the bar as one of their stops. The guys got a bit rowdy and the town pulled the plug. I could be wrong, gossip and all... idle talk on the plains. Sometimes you sit back and wonder as you see places that have a history. Smile and laugh and listen close, you just might see a ghost of their past in the shadows. The place is pretty quiet now, waiting for spring like the rest of us.


Anonymous Guest

Ravinder Dutt 19 Oct 2009

cook shots

Aunita Tyler 09 Feb 2009

What a Great Building. I love old buildings. Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Joanna Jungjohann 14 Apr 2007

I just love these type buildings! excellent image, faith!

Robin Brown 07 Apr 2007

Am gonna get of ma Hos & drink ma milk then am gonna tell ya lady this town aint big enough for both of us so if its ok with you I'll just leave quietly. Or to put it another way; excellent shot