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Last week, at vacation to Port Soller on Mallorca

My vacation last week went to Mallorca in the mediteranian sea, in a wonderful location named Port Soller, the tourists had not yet arrived so we had the island allmost for our selves, the people in P.Soller was so kind and friendly it will not be the last time, the ancient terrassos with olivetrees allmost ancient too, made me feel so peacefull and they was so pleasant I feelt at home there in a strange way


Anonymous Guest

scott bruce 03 Apr 2009

very nice piece

William Boyer 16 Mar 2007

great job nice vacation

Kukua Akumanyi 15 Mar 2007

Hurrah U got my wish more! What a fantastically unusual tree, the look ancient. beautiful!

Julie Mayser 14 Mar 2007

I really like your well done pen & ink sketch: the trees look so ancient and almost as if they are smiling! The photo shows the character of the place... It looks like a lovely spot for a vacation.

Artist Reply: thanks for your comment Julie I think you are right they are smiling:)