The Entertainer

This fairy manages to balance on a toads back who is sitting on a mushroom. She juggles roly polies, (a child hood favorite of mine) and watches the toad catch his lunch, all without missing a beat. The irredescant beetle that is perched precariously on her head seems undisturbed by the activity. Painting flows onto the mat and is then both watercolor and some acrylic. Finished size is 22.5x20 inches.

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Aunita Tyler 09 Feb 2009

What a Great Imagination!!!

Destanie West 05 Apr 2007


Renata Cavanaugh 10 Mar 2007

Fantastic work Faith

Joanna Jungjohann 09 Mar 2007

Faith, you have done such a wonderful piece here, delicate and still a powerful piece! bravo!

jane diamond 09 Mar 2007

Very beautiful and simply enchanting! This is a delightful watercolor design - wonderful concept, characters, creativity, colors, and the gentle flow of the shapes. Gorgeous and unique art Faith! :)