This a soft pastel combined with pastel pencils. It was previously uploaded within a bigger context. Here, I've isolated the frog./2006

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Suzana Dancks 11 Feb 2008

I believe that the eyes make it real in any animal picture and this one really speaks to me. The frogs are so important to our environment and it is heartbreaking to hear about them slowly disappearing. Thank you for taking time to draw this magnificent creature and share with us.

Gloria Youngdeer 30 Jan 2008

I like this one. Good job!

sheila stanley-powell 31 Dec 2007

a frog is a frog is a FROG and NOT some cute little lawn ornament. thankyou for recognizing this . love the reflection in the pond. great work david.


your work is amazing my friend!

himanshu niranjani 07 Jun 2007

such a nice paintings,............ its amzing...