Jade 24-II-2007

A drawing of my vampire character Jade, Lasombra antitribu. The destiny of the drawing is (most probably) decorate my new website layout [YAY!] It's a very simple drawing and coloring. It has 2 layer per color, and the diference with other colourings I didn't give the shadows, I erase the shadows layer and give the light.. the correct with her I think ^^ I was thinking in something serious, simple and elegant xD and result: this Jade (the original drawing had shadow tentacles, but... I made the BG without them... I hate her hand xD in the inked drawing look great, but in the coloured... >_< ______________________________ Copyright Mónica Navarrete Galván © 2007


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angelina locks 12 May 2007

I loved this work of urs! wud love to use it as an avatar in my profile at alba dumbledore's hogwarts...can i use it....? and if i can...cud u please tell me the process to upload it there via mail!

Artist Reply: thanks but you can't use this pics because she's my character, not HP related.

Leah Jaarveth 05 Mar 2007

very great work!

Artist Reply: thanks a lot ^^

bianca 04 Mar 2007

nice digital work...

Artist Reply: thanks ^_^