IM HEADING NORTH TO DISTANT LANDS, WHERE HE AND I CAN JOIN OUR HANDS, FINALLY IN UNITY WE SHALL STAND IN DISTANT LAND LYING NORTH...... DISTANT LANDS LYING NORTH Is a lightly textured landscape of oils and glzes i started working on this piece last week after id been 2 c client in Donegal its up north of ireland she invited me on 2 her terrace 2 have a cuppa and 2 discuss wat she wanted 2 c on her walls as her house is a new build and a blank canvas for me to explore anyway sorry if im running away wit myself...she loves the natural colours of the land and loves bogland ..we have loads of it over here.. as im drinking my tea i found myself drifting over the view from her terrace an when i say it was awesome i truly mean it was inspiring no exagerating ...stunning ..this time of the year in Donegal wit hazy rain u get this landscape of fern greens with hazy blacks and even though ur on top of the view its so distant in ur eyes ..dats the way i can only explain it but i tink the reason for this is... on absorbing this view i realised i cud actually see the dampness in the earth now i no and u no we cant c dampness we can feel it or smell it ..anyway when i got home this is wat transpired ...DISTANT LANDS LYING NORTH ... and will b part of the works for this client i hope u like it and i didnd go on 2 much and u all dont tink im a nut job ha ha well u know wat i mean ....seeing dampness and all dat lark ...i really did see it i swear ....haha tnx 4 lookin linda measuring 40x100x4cm

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Ginger Lovellette 22 Jul 2007


Robin Brown 19 Apr 2007

Oh boy; fabulous work Linda. Very deep & moody.

Patty Day 22 Mar 2007

Beautiful text, beatuiful painting!!!

kat Schilke 13 Mar 2007

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Elke Clarke 05 Mar 2007

It must be stunning. The picture posted can not the convey the size which it actually is (grand in deed) Wonderful. Powerful.