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Happy Two

A mother and her child.


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Tyrone Smith 10 Sep 2017


yves colas 14 May 2014

very expressive faces and personnages,nice dressing too.wonderfull artwork.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Yves!


Wow,love the composition and those gorgeous smiles!!!Beautiful Family Portrait!!!GREAT!!!A Fine ART,masterpiece!!!,Dee :)

Artist Reply: I'm honoured by your wonderful comment, thank you, my friend!

John Cappello 26 Oct 2012

Your Great work,Amazes me You did an Awesome job on capturing this one. LOVE This,Very Rich colors. Just Superior work!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for your always so beautiful comments on my work. I do so appreciate them!

Waldemar Max 18 Dec 2011

Gorgeous and happy composition!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment! :)

Calvin McFarlane 18 Dec 2011


Artist Reply: Many thanks, Calvin! :)

Stefani Wehner 17 Dec 2011


Artist Reply: Thank you for the marvelous comment, Stefani! Happy weekend to you! :)

marie-claire gallet 17 Dec 2011

Love their smiles !!!!! It'is so nice to see happiness !!!

Artist Reply: Yes, it is and it made me paint them.:) Thank you so much marie-Claire!

Cristina Andrisan 17 Dec 2011

I like this painting,I really appreciate it!

Artist Reply: And I appreciate your kind comment, Cristina!

Stafa Sefedin 03 Feb 2010


Artist Reply: Dear Stafa, thank you very much for viewing my pictures and leaving all your wonderful comments!

Vernonette Gaddy 07 Sep 2009

Great Mother and Child artwork. You have a gift for detail with their beautiful clothing. An endearing work of art.

Artist Reply: What a wonderful comment to my painting! Thank you very much, Vernonette!

Sigridur Bachmann 21 Aug 2009

Picturesque and sublime !

Artist Reply: It was so much fun to paint this, the wonderful people in their lovely clothes. Thank you for your sweet comment, Sigga!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Aug 2009

Excellent example of mother. Magnetic power full of tenderness, feeling. The laugh, smile. Happines. Wonderful.For always. José

Artist Reply: What a wonderful words, José! Thank you very much!! :)

Stormy Seas Photography 12 Apr 2009


Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, thank you very much for stopping by and leaving your kind comment, Stormy!

Beatrix Jahn 20 Mar 2009

This is sooooooooo sweet! Well done Anneke!

Artist Reply: Obviously you see the same as I did on the photo. They are really sweet, a proud mother and her beautiful child. Thank you very much for the wonderful comment, Trixi!

Eugenia Abramson 28 Feb 2009

Love this painting - composition and the colors - amazing, Beautiful artwork!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your wonderful and enthusiastic comment, dear Eugenia!

Christine Von Lossberg 01 Feb 2009

Stunning!! I can feel the smiles in my heart. Eyes of love.

Artist Reply: That's a very sweet things to say, Christine. Thank you for your beautiful words.

Nira Dabush 09 Jan 2009

Very beautiful scene, Anneke... brilliant composition. Love the fabrics.

Artist Reply: These African fabrics are so creative, I love them too, it was fun to paint. Many thanks again, Nira!

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

how bewitching! one of my fav!

Artist Reply: I had to paint these wonderful smiles! I think one day I must see Africa! :)

Susan van Zyl 09 Jul 2008

Stunning!This is beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Susan!

Armando Salas 18 Apr 2008

Brilliant painting, Anneke. It reminds me of Arturo Arnau's drawings. I don't know if I told you about him. He's a 84 years old artist and is very ill, but he still draw in a masterful way (colored pencil). It's unbelievable. His works appears in "Aguiluchos" the same magazine where I publish my comic character "Flip". His work is about African flora, fauna and people.

Artist Reply: Hi Armando, I couldn't find Arturo Arnau through Google, but I saw the magazine and a section called Hola Africa, there was a wonderful picture with also a mother and child on the page. I can't read it, it's all in Spanish. LOL But I love the art! I'm honoured that my work reminds you of him, thank you very much!

Noelle Samples 18 Apr 2008

This is beautiful. Very touching. I love your work on the different textures and patterns too.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your lovely words, Noelle.

Laurin Swango 15 Feb 2008

thank you for the compliment! This is a great piece... the colors, placement, contrast... and I love their smiles, too!

Artist Reply: I'm glad you like it, maybe strange to say of one's own work, but this is one of my favourites too. :)

Cathy Howell 16 Jan 2008

This is a striking painting!! I love your work.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Cathy!

Brooke Bowen 18 Nov 2007

Another excellent painting.

Artist Reply: Wow, you make my day! Thank you!!! :D

LEE GRISSETT 20 Oct 2007

Excellent Work, You really capture this moment perfectly!

Artist Reply: Thank you Lee, I appreciate your kind comment very much.

Mandy Maung 08 Jul 2007

i love this painting!!!! a family that values bond more than anything. beautiful. ;)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Mandy. I agree very much with you on the value of family.

Kwabena Poku 03 Jul 2007

excellent work

Artist Reply: Thank you, Kwabena! :)

dominique landau 03 Jul 2007

Such a marvellous and sweet art work!!!! Lovely..:D

Artist Reply: Thank you for the visit, Dominique.

annette steens 15 Jun 2007

I found this one in your wonderful pf! This is made through loving hands and heart! Awesome work Anneke!

Artist Reply: When I saw the photo, I just had to paint it because of the beautiful smile on her face and the sweet little boy. It made me smile all the time I was painting, isn't that wonderful in art? Thank you for visiting my gallery, your opinion is highly appreciated, Annette.

tinsu kasai 16 May 2007

This piece moves me.... Love the is just wonderful to view....Thank you for sharing

Gwen Lewis 15 May 2007

What a lovely happy picture! I like the detailed work here, but most of all I love the feeling of warm loving joy in the relationship between mother and son. :) Gwen.

Artist Reply: Frankly I like to look at this picture too, just because for the reasons you mention. Thanks for stopping by, Gwen

Elf Evans 12 May 2007

Really impressive image, with textures in the clothing, dark background helping to push the subjects forward, and strong sense of anatomy help to make this painting work quite well...

Artist Reply: Thank you for your words, Elf, they will help me to improve in the future. I didn't know all these things, just painted on the feel.

Olga Dmytrenko 16 Apr 2007

Wonderful work, Anneke. Very expressive!

Sompaseuth Chounlamany 15 Apr 2007

This is beautiful, the mother and child have charming smiles.

Sandy Dewar 15 Apr 2007

Beautiful Anneke, very inspiring

Seth Weaver 22 Mar 2007

Superb composition and colors Anneke!

STAN SWENSON 21 Mar 2007

Wonderful image...Anneke

Arnel Sarmiento 19 Mar 2007

Beautiful work A++

Rob Keller 10 Mar 2007

Very well done Anneke, heel mooi, groet Rob

Christine brand 27 Feb 2007

I love this too, so rich and full of love, the smiles are the best part. Excellent work and details, I feel like I am standing there with them.

bert cortes 20 Feb 2007

Very beautiful painting, Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thank you for stopping by, Bert. It's always good to see you.

Greg Vilton 19 Feb 2007

A very sweet double portrait, Anneke! I like the colours and the work on textures very much.

Artist Reply: Hey Greg, thank you for your comment.

Joke Schotting 18 Feb 2007

Wonderful work Anneke!!!!

Artist Reply: Hi Joke, thank you very much!

cynthia berridge 18 Feb 2007

gorgeous and so much detail in the clothes

Artist Reply: Thank you for the nice comment, Cynthia.

Cristina Marsi 17 Feb 2007

What a joyful image!

Artist Reply: Hi Cristina, thank you for your comment.

Michael Forbus 17 Feb 2007

Anneke, this is a magnificent image. Great motherly pose and very happy making image. Miguel

Artist Reply: Hey, Miguel, that are nice words, thanks a lot.

helen tyralik 17 Feb 2007

lovely artwork

Artist Reply: Thank you Helen.

Bev Chudey 16 Feb 2007

Great work Anneke!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks, Bev. I'm happy with your words.

Reba McDonald 16 Feb 2007

Beautifully done Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Reba, I hope we will soon see new art from you.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 16 Feb 2007

Stunning,totally stunning. Debs

Artist Reply: Hi Debs, great to see you here! Thank you for commenting.

Steph Salt 16 Feb 2007

This is wonderful Anneke, the colours are perfect and such sweet smiles too.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Steph. Somehow I was sure you would like it. :)

Ingrid Kolster 16 Feb 2007

Beautiful work, Anneke.

Artist Reply: Thanks Ingrid!

Irena Dukule 16 Feb 2007

Wow, I like it! Wonderful colours1

Artist Reply: Thank you, Irena!

Anne Vis 16 Feb 2007

Awesome work, Anneke! Great colors and contrasts and beautiful expression!

Artist Reply: Hi Anne, I'm glad you like it. Thank you!

Martha Miller 16 Feb 2007

Very nice Piece Anneke. Fine job,

Artist Reply: Thanks Martha, it's great to see you.

bianca 16 Feb 2007

very pretty work.....

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Bianca!

Mary Lou Hodgson 16 Feb 2007

Fantastic work Anneke!!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Marie.