May i come onto the other side, you took him my lord into your royal realm...i am blined when i go near..can i not just look,just a glimpse onto your royal realm...for he is there...can i touch him just once more...can i place my hand near the window of your heavenly world, he will hold me, just once my lord...I have found a way in ,this is after all ,THE WINDOW TO THE OTHER SIDE....... HEAVY TEXTURED OILS AND RICH METALICS ARE THE MEDIA USED FOR THIS PIECE ; A STUNNING PIECE MADE TO IMPRESS ANY INTERIOR 100% IRISH FROM FASHION 4 WALLS A.K.A. LINDA DUFFY MEASURING 60X60X2"

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Anonymous Guest

anirban bora 16 Jul 2007


merle cruser 22 May 2007

Your art flows so nicely, use of color and texture are superb!

Robert Reeves 17 May 2007

Really great piece. Inviting and dark. Wonderful textures.

Richard Clegg 15 May 2007

This is a Door. And I'm GOING THROUGH. See you on the other side. DON'T BE LATE

Sally Pulford 02 May 2007

Captivating. I wish to come on that journey as well. You've shown us just a glimps of possiblity. Beautiful.