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What to Draw?

"What to Draw?" Surely we've all had those days of pondering what we can capture. Ah--the days of little one's loved stuffed 'friends' around the house. Nice. :) Done a few years ago in colored pencil.

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Anonymous Guest

Roz Eve 13 Oct 2007

The composition in this is a great idea. its the unusual pose that got my attention first and then the addition of the objects that are not ususaly associated with teddy bears was a nice surprise too.

Hassan Pasha 29 May 2007

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww this is ultimate in cuteness .. super dooper work of art

titta inkinen 04 May 2007

It's always a pleasure to visit your gallery - and this cute and beautiful painting made me smile. A great start for this Saturday morning! :-)

Artist Reply: Hi, Titta! First, I have to say that you email gave me a big grin. What a wonderful comment to share! :) Sometimes I get a chance to come across some pieces that, well, make me pause and grin---thanks so much for passing on such a nice thought on one of mine. Hope your week is going great! -Kerra

K L Marsala 03 Apr 2007

your work is very diverse. going from the child like of innocence to harsh reality and you handle them all with style and grace. great works

Artist Reply: Wow, KL! An amazing compliment from you--I am truly flattered--thanks! :) -Kerra
Artist Reply: Wow--what a compliment from you, KL! I appreciate your time in leaving me feedback. :) -Kerra

Anonymous Guest 21 Feb 2007

This "bunny" conjures so many thoughts!!! Awesome gift you have to encompass the preciousness of inanimate objects and "touch"(es) of another