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"Oh....the luv bug 'ill getcha if you don't watch out...." Ahh....Valentine's Day -- love is in the air and a wee corgi cupid sneaks up on an unsuspecting pair as they sit pretending to be completely unaware of each other....I just love 'cupid's' crouching posture don't you?! A whimsical, seasonal folk art piece for the Welsh Pembroke Corgi enthusiast designed to inspire a smile. Original painted on 5 x 7 mini canvas with 3/4 inch gallery-wrapped edges in the private collection of T. Nudelman.


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M Smith 01 Jul 2011

Ain't love grand? Sweet!

Jerry 22 Jan 2007

Lovely or really cute picture!

bianca 22 Jan 2007

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh them caracters and u are doing great job with them...

Michael Easter 22 Jan 2007

this is cool,very humorous.