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Island Sunset

A 16" x 20" framed tropical island sunset painted in oil.

This painting won the "Best Use of Color" prize at the "Winter Escape" exhibit (Feb. 2-23, 2007) at the Center for Creative Arts in Hockessin, Delaware.


Anonymous Guest (IP:

daniel morgenstern 02 Nov 2012

Wow! Love it, Emily. Brilliant!

John Cappello 11 Aug 2012

SUPERB RENDERING Beautiful colors in this, nice composition and Great Creativity, Very Original and so Artistic, I love those contrasts so Well done! Delightful scene, Then again All Your work is Exceptionally Good!

Doris Blessington 26 Jul 2012

Beautiful sunset Emily!

Patricia Griffin Brett 31 May 2012

Absolutely, stupendously BEAUTIFUL!!!

Santos Gonzalez 14 Aug 2011

Emily, this is really beautiful. It takes me back to South Florida, Key West... Love all the colors.

Pashia Dsouza 21 Jul 2011

De-light-full...its so colorful and calm.

Katie Spivey 30 May 2011

This is so beautifully done. I am in awe of this painting. Just love this magnificent sunset.

john harding 23 May 2011

wow beautiful work Emily!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Apr 2011

that was me NVJasmin congratulations again

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Apr 2011

beautiful congratulations!!!!!!!

craig moline 22 Mar 2011

This is a superb work of art! From the colors to the lighting on the palm tree's. Beautiful!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 21 Jan 2011

The artwork is so good you take right to Hawii!

Karen OBrien 25 Sep 2010

so beautiful

Alex Shum 23 Aug 2010

Beautiful oil painting!

Macie Fultz 08 Mar 2010

very colerful!!!!!!!

cathi doherty 08 Dec 2009


gandhi joseph 04 Nov 2009


Michael Carroll 22 Sep 2009

Very nice work!

Bonnie Haversat 16 Sep 2009

A beautiful painting Emily. Deserving of the award!

dawn oconnor 04 Apr 2009

a worthy winner, you are a very talented lady x

Amanda Cantrell 30 Mar 2009


Jonas Jonzén 10 Feb 2009

fantastic piece!! :)

weston voss 07 Feb 2009

I love all of them but this piece is really something the color and movement lovin it

Paul Tokarski 28 Jan 2009

The color saturation just knocks me over! Great composition, a sunset well above the mark.

Melanie Lamprill 04 Dec 2008

beautiful piece

panja küpper 07 Nov 2008

emily, great artwork, fantastic colours panja

Jordanka Yaretz 22 Sep 2008

Your paintings are as beautiful as your photography.

Kim Cady 08 Sep 2008

Gorgeous color & rendition of the tropics... I know I wish I was there!

Huang Fu 27 Aug 2008

Awe-inspiring! Wish I'm there! ;)

Richard Hall 10 Aug 2008

Stunning work. Worthy of any title!.

tasha art 03 Aug 2008

this is so beutiful and warm

Lindzi Sayles 28 Jul 2008

wow! this is incredible, amazing

Susan van Zyl 09 Jul 2008

Awesome! Love this! Great painting!

margaret mckeehan 08 Jul 2008

Beautiful painting

Bill Vernon 07 Jul 2008

your paintings are a true reflection of the sunset. i know cos i got pix ! great color in ya face thing. color is everything

gary becker 02 Jul 2008

Love the composition, brilliance & texture of this piece.

Kimberly Dore 01 Jul 2008

This is so inspiring! I love the blend of colours and the textures in the palm trees!

Andrea Wasson 23 Jun 2008


Aaron 16 Jun 2008

Very interesting lighting and vivid color. I like this one very much.

Susie Kleiner 15 Jun 2008

Stunning detail! I love it, and want to plop my cooler right next to the tree and hang out for along spell!!!!

Leona Yarbrough 12 Jun 2008

Totally awesome Emily! Now I just wish I were there laying in a hammock between the two palm trees. I can feel the breeze blowing! Congratulations!

Larry Vickery 09 Jun 2008

Whoa! This is absolutely BREATHTAKING! I"am speechless... You are truly a brilliant artist,and this is BEAUTIFUL work...Congratulations on your prize! You certainly DESERVE it!

Irmina Santaika 03 Jun 2008

Awesome! I love colors here

Gina Cowins 01 Jun 2008

Emily just beautiful the color combinations are awesome

Brendon Jarrell 30 May 2008

Very realistic colors & detail!

John Davis 26 May 2008

the colors are wonderful, very relaxing piece

Sue Warne 25 May 2008

superb colours - this would give anyone a warm feel-good glow.

Donald Dolanski 21 May 2008

The colors are incredible. The detail is amazing too. Nice work!

Cristina Andrisan 19 May 2008

Wonderful painting!

Riek Krog 10 May 2008

I like this painting. Very beautiful.

Ginger Bass 01 May 2008

This is a wonderful sunset! I love the vivid colors!

Vanita Earnest 22 Apr 2008

This looks just like the sunset we saw in Hawaii, simply fantastic! Could you give me some pointers on how to get really involved and possibly getting a show when I am ready? I just think your the greatest!

AVE HURLEY 16 Apr 2008

Beautiful color and contrasting! O love the sky and its reflection. The trees are great too!

Robin Mead 14 Apr 2008

Wow ..my favorite topic and soooo beautifully done!! Fantastic!!

Gavin North 11 Apr 2008

Emily your use of color and composition is amazing, you defiantly deserved to win the prize of best color, excellent work as always my friend

Monica Palermo 11 Apr 2008

I like this one, it makes me dreaming...

Manda Aguilera 06 Apr 2008

wow.. beautiful..

nicoletta salfo 03 Apr 2008

wow... is gorgeous!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 01 Apr 2008

Gorgeous colors Emily

Manuel rodriguez 19 Mar 2008

awsome pic Emily eveyone should stop and appreciate a good sunrise or sunset

carole joyce 01 Mar 2008

Really festive, makes one want to Get Away!

leny hendrickx 11 Feb 2008

woow beautiful !! i could live there , MOOOI ,

judit dora 02 Feb 2008

Wow I love the colors. Judit

Adele Beverley 27 Jan 2008

Ohhhh WOW!! Love the colours!! It's immense. LOVE IT!

Beth Austin 14 Jan 2008

WOW!! Gorgeous! I love your colors

alvaro garcia 14 Jan 2008

Magnificien dominion of color!

Stewart Fowler 31 Dec 2007

absolutely stunning!! a terrific blend of colors!

Jo-Ann Hayden 15 Dec 2007

wonderful, thats all I can say, wonderful

William Cowan 12 Dec 2007

this is absolutely, positively the most amazing use of colour i hav ever seen. Its so bright and beautiful

ciro d' alessio 08 Dec 2007

molto bello!

Olivia Dickerson 07 Dec 2007

Very Lovely!!!

Danielle Davenport 30 Nov 2007

Wow Emily! This is beautiful.... I am always fascinated by oil drawings (I havent ventured there yet). The colors and textures are always so rich. Your work is ALL outstanding!!!!!

Mike Stead 17 Nov 2007

wish i was there! so warm and beautiful

BILL NAGY 14 Nov 2007

Emily, This is absolutely beautiful. All of your work is exquisite. BILL NAGY

Sherry Weisel 05 Nov 2007

Beautiful pic

Shelley O'Bar 17 Oct 2007

I love the color in this!

Jim Perkins 02 Oct 2007

Stunning Sunset,, Emily

indarto budi 20 Sep 2007

looks so beautiful...

Mari Connors 13 Sep 2007

luxurious, liquid color. Outstanding

Lohith N Kesarmadu 12 Sep 2007

Truly Emily, your works mismerise me. Very beautiful.

Namita Kulkarni 07 Sep 2007

Striking yet simple!!

Mike Moss 07 Sep 2007

WOW Emily! This sure takes me back about 10 years when i lived in Hauula Hawaii. Wonderful and warm.

Sandy Jensen 01 Sep 2007


TOMMY BEAVER 31 Aug 2007

that is awsome

Jeanie Chadwick 29 Aug 2007

Emily, this is an award winner and is very bold. Hint hint-consider it for a bold color entry.

Maria Murphy 27 Aug 2007

powerfull colours .What a scene.CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN.

Idezio Junior 25 Aug 2007

Emily, wonderful art !Congrats. Idézio

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Aug 2007

Very nice feel in this painting

Evan Barrett 17 Aug 2007

wow, this is amazing, simply put. i can easily see why this won "best use of color". This piece is just perfect! thank you for showing.

armi capalaran 09 Aug 2007

This is very beautiful! Lively colours

Chris Roukema 27 Jul 2007

Most Fantastic, Emily!

Andrew Hunter 27 Jul 2007

wow wow !!!!!!! is all i can say and such a pleasure to see your lovely work again keep it up with your fine work Emily

Derek McCrea 22 Jul 2007

I love this work

Mark Saxton 09 Jul 2007

Fantastic. Absolutly beautiful.

SANDRA BESIC 25 Jun 2007

wow ! what can i say that you haven't already heard ? this is so beautiful !!

shane neary 16 Jun 2007


Alexandra Dvinitninova 14 Jun 2007


KATHY NEPIA 12 Jun 2007


ray ladbrook 11 Jun 2007

a bueatiful array of colour!!! well done!!!

Gerald Bocian 08 Jun 2007

Emily This is absolutely fabulous it has great detail and stunning color you have to tell me your secrets on how to create such vibrant art I would love to have a JPG of this

caroline stevens 03 Jun 2007

Wondeful just wonderful!! Caroline UK

Daniel Venter 03 Jun 2007

Very very good indeed. Wish I could use colours like u do!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 May 2007

I really like this one too. You are so good! I could say this about all your work..ya know. ;) Bless..Peace and Love

chen anlu 12 May 2007

Wonderful !i like it !it give us hope!

chuck vest 11 May 2007

amazing colors Emily, very nice

Robyn 04 May 2007

Fabulous, Emily..Bravo!

Sally Pulford 01 May 2007

You've captured my heart with this one, Emily

Jan van Baarle 24 Apr 2007

This is a great seascape!

Mark Peterson 22 Apr 2007

Beautiful colors Emily. Very nice!

Nicole Johnson 18 Apr 2007

This picture is so beautiful.I love the chosen colors!!!

Ron Atkin 16 Apr 2007

Turner would have enjoyed this picture Emily. He was taking an interest in the camera just before he died.

Yurian Falls 15 Apr 2007

very nice!

Karren Sherry 05 Apr 2007

This is absolutely stunning, beautiful colours!

jamie Le'Paul 04 Apr 2007

I like so much of yor work and you too have an excellent ability tith the use of colours Emily

Chris McKinney 02 Apr 2007

Wow very nice painting Emily, excellent work.

Destanie West 30 Mar 2007


Shawn Burke 26 Mar 2007

absolute paradise...very beautiful

Tammi Barber 20 Mar 2007

Rich Beautiful & Bold...understated...

Tim Sutton 23 Feb 2007

You deserved the award Emily, here is a great use of both ligh and colour. So vibrant and atmospheric. Imagine being under the palm tree with your lover watching the sun go down. Ahhhh bliss!

Tahnja Wolter 19 Feb 2007

This is superb my friend. YOU are a GENIUS!!! Gosh, I couldn't even imagine painting that well! You ROCK! lol

Julia Blazhevicha 19 Feb 2007

So worm! So eczotic! vary goog!

Sheila Noren 18 Feb 2007

Emily...your work is awesome...your colors are amazing...great work!

Katie Alfonsi 17 Feb 2007

Absolutely astonishing!! I love this piece so much. It makes me want to go to florida!!

Eddy collins 09 Feb 2007

Very nice work

Natalie G 05 Feb 2007

Fabulous colorful work, Emily! Congratulations!

Tom and Susan Repasky 04 Feb 2007

I know why I missed this one! I was at the hospital with my daughter when she gave birth!! Excellent job on this beautiful painting Emily!! Exquisite island get away!! Congratulations on the award, it is very well deserved!!! ~S

Anna Baybarza 27 Jan 2007

It is charm...


Emily I really love this one, it's beautiful.

Bill E Boy 22 Jan 2007

very nice

Mary Janosik 22 Jan 2007

Stunning work, Emily!! Feels like I'm sitting there under the trees.... :)

Blue Doll 22 Jan 2007

outstanding work Emily !!!

Carrie Ann Watson 20 Jan 2007

What a gorgeous painting Emily! Those colors are stunning! Wonderful work! :)

eileen martin 20 Jan 2007

Emily, this is incredibly beautiful:)

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Jan 2007

colourful and beautiful work!!

helen tyralik 19 Jan 2007

wonderful colors

Brenda Loveless 19 Jan 2007


Stanley Layman 19 Jan 2007

Tremendous work!

Penny Myers 19 Jan 2007

What a beautiful painting. The colors are awesome

Ruth Kauffman 19 Jan 2007

Emily...this painting is AWESOME!!! The palm tree is the best I have EVER seen painted...breathtaking oil!!

H. Harper 19 Jan 2007

whoa. this is totally amazing. the vibrant colors just work so well together and the trees just add that touch of physical ground to...almost make me remember that this is real, it's not a dream i'm looking at. anyhow, it's an awesome painting!

Kathryn Arruda 19 Jan 2007

Magnificent--rich vibrant color & dramatic sky make this a scene of paradise!

Sara Deutsch 19 Jan 2007

Amazingly vibrant colors...

Gregory Edwards 19 Jan 2007

A definite Sailor's Delight and this is so so inspiring!!!

Jerry 19 Jan 2007

Brilliant landscape and colors!

Steve Farr 19 Jan 2007

Wow!! This is more than GORGEOUS, Emily!!!

Joanna Jungjohann 19 Jan 2007

Emily, wonderful art

terry waites 19 Jan 2007

Beautiful painting, wonderful sky

Thomas Reed 19 Jan 2007

very nice

Joseph O'Connor 19 Jan 2007

Wow! totally gorgeous painting.

Francis Rivera 19 Jan 2007

Very gorgoeus painting! ^_^

Cassie Watson 19 Jan 2007

It's beautiful! Yet another wonderful water painting. I absolutely love it!

flo bowling 19 Jan 2007

wow,i really want to go there

Patty Day 19 Jan 2007

Beautifully done , Emily!!! LOVE IT!!!

Joke Schotting 19 Jan 2007


Cathy Holford 19 Jan 2007

That is just marvelous hon!

Ralph Miller 19 Jan 2007

Simply beautiful!

Femi Johnson 19 Jan 2007

STUNNING......a peacefull deep breath

Seth Weaver 19 Jan 2007

Glorious color luminosity. You have captured a Cindy Luke sky in oils. Great job Emily!

Doris B. Lambling 19 Jan 2007

breath taking beautiful colored, Emily. wonderful composed, both: exciting and soothing!

Mayme Crouse 19 Jan 2007

Wow Emily what a gorgeous oil.............this is where I want to be now..........my kind of place........I hear Jimmy Buffett

Jerie kunitsky 19 Jan 2007

Really nice. Love the detail in those trees.

Reba McDonald 19 Jan 2007

Beautiful work Emily.

jane fabrycki 19 Jan 2007

Wow, just what is needed on a cold snowy day. Very very nice.

Michael Forbus 19 Jan 2007

Emily, this is a wonderful painting. Just glorious. This is where I lived for so many years and now buried in ice. Looks like a Jimmie Buffett set. Great work, Emily, it is just beautiful and timely with this cold. Miguel

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 19 Jan 2007

Gorgeous painting and framing my Friend!!!Great Art!!!:)

Beth Simmons 19 Jan 2007

Beautiful Emily!

bianca 19 Jan 2007

this is a eye catching work....should sell quickly at the art exibitions...lovely fine art...

Julie Mayser 19 Jan 2007

A great variety of colors, Emily! Enchanting!

Janet Gioffre Harrington 19 Jan 2007

Emily, this is stunning. Love the light hitting the tree and the shadows it creates. WONDERFUL work! LOVE IT!

Nira Dabush 19 Jan 2007

TRULY BEAUTIFUL Emily..stunning colours..AWESOME!!

Lucia Stewart 19 Jan 2007

Fabulous oil painting emily!!!

Crystal Sons 19 Jan 2007

Oh Emily! This is Beautiful!! Lovely colors in this sunset! ...Wonderful Job!

Michael Koratich 19 Jan 2007

Wow, what great color!!

joan warburton 19 Jan 2007

Stunning colors; beautiful scene!

thea walstra 19 Jan 2007

Great colors and very beautiful work

Gautam Thoidingjam 19 Jan 2007

Great work!!! Emily beautiful sunset!!

William Boyer 19 Jan 2007

wowzer nice oil

Olga van Dijk 19 Jan 2007

You finished your one for the art competition CCArts!!! Lovely work Emily! I finished mine too! (Was quite a bit of work...) I like how the sun is shining on your palm trees...

cynthia berridge 19 Jan 2007

this is so beautiful Emily the texture the colours awesome

Faith Puleston 19 Jan 2007

This is really nice, Emily.

Alberto D'Assumpcao 19 Jan 2007

Beautiful colours, Emily!

Kevin Lambeth 19 Jan 2007

A scene to die for, fantastic painting Em