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by Kiddolucaslee


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Jerry 08 Jun 2007

Lovely impression and lines!

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Jessica Kuhn 23 Feb 2007

Wow! Your work is very unique and beautiful! Amazing job

Artist Reply: I realized that the WESTworld is appreciating my Artstyle....the East still very conservative in their thought

Terri Hindmarsh 17 Feb 2007

very cool painting!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Terri

Ruth Kauffman 26 Jan 2007

This is very lovely work, Kiddolucas!

Artist Reply: When someone loves your art..I guess one loves you too!!!!

Nira Dabush 26 Jan 2007

EXCELLENT COMPOSITION AND ARTWORK...Wonderfully done kiddolucas

Artist Reply: Thank you NIRA....

Lisa Prentiss 26 Jan 2007

You are so very talented!!!! This is beautiful, you have stepped out of the norm and brought beauty to light.

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Cindy Luke 25 Jan 2007

Very talented Love your dolphin painting also beautiful

Artist Reply: The Name 'Luke' is significant with 'Lucas'...same meaning...means 'One who gives LIGHT..unto others' I painted 6 canvases on Dolphins subjects in 1999 & 2003 .....Thank you agian for you KIND comment

Terry Bassett 25 Jan 2007

Love your style kiddolucas and the acrylic retarder has worked very well here.. must give that a try at some point..:-) btw.. I had an enjoyable voyage through your excellent web site.. Nice one!

Artist Reply: Your name is in " ART DISCUSSION " section

julie Marks 25 Jan 2007

I can see you are a unique artist with an original vision. Your choice of colors and how you blend the elements in your paintings are very innovative. I love the interplay of the woman above and below the surface of the water suggesting regeneration. Very elegant work.

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Karim Bouchnak 21 Jan 2007

very epressive artwork

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Cynthia DeMaio 16 Jan 2007

Excellent colors and anatomy work Kiddolucas. Welcome to Art wanted! Cynthia :)

Artist Reply: THANks...appreciate your Time

Jean M. Laffitau 16 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: So your Grands were Art Masters....nice to meet the grandson.....wonderful Photoworks of yours !!!!!

Loredana 15 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: THANK You

Sara Moy 13 Jan 2007

Love the body and the bleding of colors

Artist Reply: I was influenced by a Watercolorist fren s can feel " a lot of water " in his masterpieces I tried out watercolor...found that a bit dull & not that lively I explored more Inks....a breed of striking colors To paint in such has to imagine he is painting under/inside the not over emphasize on details...otherwise you ll end up in realism Keep your Mind & heart ll get the result Study some good Chinese painting..especially those depicting good transparency Do not let the color controls the water...but allowing the WATER to rule the colors Happy painting

Peter Leahy 12 Jan 2007

excellent art work!!

Artist Reply: Thankyou SO MUCH!!!!!

Joke Schotting 11 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: Thankyou so dearly

Lawrence Hickman 11 Jan 2007

awsome picture outstanding work very incredible

Artist Reply: I used some minimum Acrylic retarder to control the water more secret when it s revealed now!!!

Leah Jaarveth 11 Jan 2007

very nicely done!

Artist Reply: I handle the ladies gentlely....most time....smilesss

Anneke Hut 11 Jan 2007

Splendid artwork, Kiddolucas. Wonderful effect with the purple colour and great pose.

Artist Reply: THANKyou... just got tired with the usual way of detail painting....allowing the water guides the colors where it wants to go

Tabitha Borges 11 Jan 2007

love the story and the great details...

Artist Reply: "REGENERATION" the title speaks very loud

Emily Reed 11 Jan 2007

Oh my, just brilliant!

cynthia berridge 11 Jan 2007

wow love it very sensual