rafax free hand


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virginia mcgowan 04 Oct 2007

Yummy --love the colours very much 1970ties I used to wear.

Mark Peterson 12 May 2007

Very nice work... you have alot of color, and there is much to look at. Good art!

Artist Reply: Hi Mark. Thanks for taking the time to pass a comment, you've got some excellent pictures on your page, your use of colours and textures is full of life, brilliant 10/10. If you like music and you get time, check out some of our music along with many other good new upcomming bands, and it's free. Cheers Mark, Radfax http://www.unsignedchart.com/profile/Radfax

Gwen Lewis 14 Apr 2007

An amazing piece of work; quite mesmerizing, the longer one looks at it, the more one sees, yet the puzzle remains of which part is foreground and which is background; reminiscent of some of the 'impossible object' pictures that change as one stares.

Joanne Harvey 27 Feb 2007

WOW! THIS one just screams to me! This is the way everybody would like for their lives to be set up! One beautiful colorful experience to the next! I LOVE it!

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comments, much appreciated Radfax

Geraldine Simmons 09 Jan 2007

This is really fabulous! I love the colours! Thism is bright and cheerful!

Artist Reply: Thanks for the feedback Radfax