New Skidder

SLS030. 30" x 24" Original framed oil painting on canvas © 2003 by M. L. Wilson. First place, historical category, 2003 Tillamook County Fair; Winner 2003 Joe Champion Award [Best in Class, work depicting historical event or place in Tillamook county] Logging the way it used to be done is back in use in environmentally sensitive areas, smaller land units, and/or difficult terraine where chopper logging or heavy machinery isn't economically feasible. Belgian draft horses are one breed ideally suited to the task and are still raised on the Oregon coast.


Anonymous Guest

Ron Bedsole 31 May 2018

fantastic work

Ruby DeTritus 12 Nov 2005

Very skilled, but static - the man and horse seem to be holding poses rather than moving.

Merel Bomrans 08 Apr 2005

great drawing!!