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Olga van Dijk 20 May 2008

EXTREMELY POWERFUL and extraordinary artwork Ray... My pic of the day.

Anonymous Guest 20 May 2008

I think that slide two is your strongest piece. A lot of the work reminds me of the italian painter ' Margherita Manzelli ' espeicially slide eight, the girl watching the tv. I have actually seen this pianting in laoise of all places. The figures are fine for me but the abstrct planes might need a bit more refining maybe, some of them look a bit clunky. over all though quiet impressive.

Lucia Stewart 16 Jan 2008

Powerful piece Ray!

Leah Jaarveth 01 Jan 2007

fantastic work!

John Enright 01 Jan 2007

ray. your work is remarkable. it is very,very refreshing to see a new posting at this archive. You exemplify the top progressive talent at this site.