Paper Model of

This was my first four wheeler. It din't took me much time but it was very exciting project. Thanks for visiting. Give me your precious comments and do write ur email ID after ur comments so that I could reply. Call me or email me if you want to buy / order any of my completely built models (Please be noted that the plans are not sold here).


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 11 Mar 2010

amazing work! the amount of details is really appreciable.

Artist Reply: Thanks... Finally I recieved a comment on this one after almost 3 years :-)

Anonymous Guest 11 Jul 2007

congrats!! keep up the good work

Artist Reply: Thanks alot buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2007

ur work is really incredible bro.keep it up.

Artist Reply: thanks alot buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 23 Apr 2007


Artist Reply: thanks a lot nikhil ^_^

Anonymous Guest 08 Apr 2007


Artist Reply: thanks a lot buddy ^_^ hehehe well humans.... lol... buddy i have to take proper dimensions.... of every inch... i wont preffer making models of males dat ways,... hahahaha

Ralph Miller 06 Apr 2007

wow all the anonymous comments amazing. I had over 29000 hits last month maybe 10 anonymous comments tell me how do you do it!!

Artist Reply: hi ralph.... if i am not wrong i think we used to be in contact thro' emails many months ago.... well, i had almost 10,000 visits last month but my work is something unique may be this is the reason i am geting comments..... mmmmmm, i keep on telling ppl abt my work and i have visiting cards with ma email id on it.... may be dats the reason... even i cant tell u buddy y dats so?....ralph miller... i have heard dis name many times.... im not able to guess how do i know u....

Anonymous Guest 28 Mar 2007


Artist Reply: thanks ^_^

Anonymous Guest 28 Mar 2007

incridible yar..just fantastic

Artist Reply: thanks a lot boss^_^

Anonymous Guest 27 Mar 2007 can we buy it.

Artist Reply: u can call me at 9888557397, or can email me at u just have to let me know which one u wanna by, i will then let u know the process... i will make a new one, better tan d frst one for u... may i know who is this?

Anonymous Guest 24 Mar 2007


Artist Reply: ya sure i will try ma hand on dat too. now a days im making a sorts car its mitshubishi FTO

Anonymous Guest 20 Mar 2007

grt wrk keep it up!!

Artist Reply: thanks alot^_^

Anonymous Guest 26 Feb 2007

oye puttar factory khulde aab.. aab taj mahal banana suru kar ve..

Artist Reply: thanks meghnath, saale apni hindi sudhaar

Anonymous Guest 21 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks

Anonymous Guest 20 Feb 2007

awesome.... simply gr8.... keep it up....

Artist Reply: thanks a lot

Anonymous Guest 19 Feb 2007

Hey Atamjeet..really impressed seeing yours art..keeping doing great.I hope you have made a name in Guniess by now??? all the best.

Artist Reply: hahaha, thanks a lot pal. its not something for the guinese book. its simple paper craft, nothing very special...

Anonymous Guest 17 Feb 2007

wow, great great work buddy!!

Artist Reply: thanks alot buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 17 Feb 2007

great work man! keep up the great job. good luck to you.

Artist Reply: thanks alot ^_^

Anonymous Guest 15 Feb 2007

tis one is not as good ast the corsairr......i still feel tat as ur masterpiece!!!

Artist Reply: even i feel the same buddy,,, i love corsair.... thanks for ur ture hearted comments ^_^

Anonymous Guest 15 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: thanks alot Yogesh

Anonymous Guest 14 Feb 2007

Really gud work and its amazing.........

Artist Reply: thanks a lot buddy ^_^

Cathy Holford 13 Feb 2007

Those are SO cool!

Artist Reply: hey thanks a lot Cathy. ^_^

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2007

art merveilleux

Artist Reply: thanks alot for using sooo many languages... :-)))

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2007

marvellous art

Artist Reply: thank you dear

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2007

Wunderbare Kunst

Artist Reply: thanksss

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2007

arte maravillosa

Artist Reply: thankssss

Anonymous Guest 11 Feb 2007


Artist Reply: thanks a lot

stephanie atlee 11 Feb 2007

What a cool looking model...very nice work

Artist Reply: thanks alot stephanie.... ^_^

Steve Farr 07 Feb 2007

Luv the color, very clean!!

Artist Reply: thanks buddy :-) ^_^

Anonymous Guest 06 Feb 2007

101/100 really u r gr8. moumita

Artist Reply: thanks a lot sweet heart :-))

Anonymous Guest 03 Feb 2007

How about some Serious Negitiations on 'TRANSFER OF TECHNOLOGY' ha ha ha!

Artist Reply: hahahah ,cool idea man... thankssss

Anonymous Guest 02 Feb 2007

7/10 [email protected]

Artist Reply: thankssaa lot sameer

Anonymous Guest 21 Jan 2007


Artist Reply: thanks a lot buddy:-)

Anonymous Guest 18 Jan 2007

Good work

Artist Reply: thanks a lot buddy... :-)

Renata Cavanaugh 17 Jan 2007

You are really creative! Excellent

Artist Reply: thanks alot renata... :-)

Anonymous Guest 14 Jan 2007

Good one

Artist Reply: thanks...

Anonymous Guest 14 Jan 2007

Sach bol raha hoon, jeep ho to aisa... Kab chalne lagega pata nahi... Great finishing and detailing...

Artist Reply: thanks a lottttttt sumit.....

Anonymous Guest 07 Jan 2007

very nice finishing

Artist Reply: thanks buddy....

Anonymous Guest 06 Jan 2007

nice is it on sale

Artist Reply: well, i am looking for its estimate proce from u guys... hahaha thanks

Thomas Broadfoot 31 Dec 2006

Excellent work on this

Artist Reply: thanks a lot buddy/....