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Kerra Lindsey


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margaret mckeehan 10 Aug 2008


julie Marks 04 Jan 2007

I would love to join you, but now I am preoccupied with Zelda on the Nintendo WII. What are you playing? Great shot. I started playing video games with my son when he was five and we are still play 20 years later. Congradulations. You are one parent who understands the value of video games since you are involved with something that is part of our culture. In the past, kids would compete over sports which they still do, but what is really important is when a friend calls and tells you what level he is on or if he finished the game, like the electronic fairy tales with wonderful graphics and music exemplified in the Final Fantasy Series and Zelda. What a great portrait of a father bonding with his son!!

Bo Han 29 Dec 2006

Very good water color work!

thea walstra 29 Dec 2006

Awesome, very impressive work. Great job!

Natalie G 29 Dec 2006

How interesting to see them sit together side by side, like that and play the game - great feeling for the mother - for sure:) Wonderful work, Kerra!