Stay here.

This was the original one rejected off of Elfwood, why? not fantasy enough! The story is based off the old bull and the young bull. The young cock-sure mercenary struts up to the table to demand his pay from the older, wiser mercenary, who promptly says, "Stay here, I'll go get it!"

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 12 Jan 2007

Hey its Galatea from ET, I love the scene, I can almost imagine it happening! Good job with all that background wood too! I had a recent rejection from Elfwood, according to them there was a small strip of white around the edge of a picture of a dragon...thats why they rejected it. ^_^

Artist Reply: Ha ha, I had one rejected because the border wasn't even! Thanks.

Kerra Lindsey 08 Jan 2007

Oh my goodness--total illustrative style here--and poignant! Wouldn't want to be that 'young blood'--yikes! Sorry about Elfwood--but hey, it's Elfwood, what can you do? Looks like there are many others out there shaking their head about the 'fantasy' vs. well, 'fantasy'--to each his own. Don't let that get you--there are many who didn't even submit and then feel bad they weren't picked--now isn't THAT something? I'll continue to keep an eye on your work. :) -Kerra

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comment. I don't know art, I just sort of know what I like. I still don't understand the "not fantasy" rejection.

Joanna Jungjohann 20 Dec 2006

well, huh! A Tad dominant I would say! ha ha ha but excellent ART!

Artist Reply: Thank you. Next time he should just keep his hands in his pockets.

Valarie Connell 17 Dec 2006

Sorry this didn't make Elfwood. I know my Lupus picture that you commented on was rejected from Elfwood also, said it wasn't fantasy enough. As if vines grab people and pull them down...go figure. ;)As for this picture I think you have a lot of nice shading! I also like the composition and subject. I will have to check out the updated one on Elfwood!

Artist Reply: Thanks Valarie. The updated version has only a slight change to it but I guess it was enough.

Emily Reed 15 Dec 2006


Artist Reply: Thanks, The rejection didn't bother me as much as the reason for the rejection, they said it wasn't fantasy enough! The only difference was to replace the window with two 'head' trophies.