Jump Seeker  (for the

This ship specifically designed and built for Delta Quadrant Consortium. Known as the dreaded "DQC" to some. So many illegal wormhole jumps were being made without compensation to the consortium that the need for a seeker vessel was mandated. Since their inception only 4 illegal "jumps" were made that have not been accounted for (but that's another story) this ships screams muscle -speed- and punch! This is a hybrid ship made from other vessels. you might take note of the top neutrino vapor cannon on the top deck side.(this is a headlamp bulb, hey it fits!) other assorted old parts and household items make up the bulk of this cruiser. Including an old alarm clock, 2 bic shaver handles,plastic cary case,and old electro mechanical card seperator.


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Travis Leichssenring 01 Jul 2007

Nicely done. Do you mind if I borrow a few ideas off of this?

Anonymous Guest (IP: 12 Dec 2006

u.tony. wow. these piece remind me in their own way of calder, and even picasso with his mastery of wood, ceramic, and light. in the negative space of ophelia. what noble mind here o'er thrown.

bianca 13 Nov 2006

great explanation...although i dont know what it is....its awsome capture...