The Iraq War

Shown in W: The Movie

Diplayed in "Much Much Coffee" at Future Studio Gallery, Los Angeles, California, USA


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Oct 2007

Don't [sic] me.

Artist Reply: Well, the dog won't do it...

Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Oct 2007

Why does the word "Boyer" have an Iraqi woman in it. Are you trying to tell us the same thing Da Vinci was trying to tell us with La Gioconda?

Artist Reply: What was "Da Vinci... trying to tell us with La Gioconda [sic]"? It's my understanding this painting is quintessentially enigmatic.

Katie Roseff 11 Jan 2007

political and artistic. quite the combination but very nice work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Nov 2006

I see a message that spells Chaos? If so I agree!