Circle of Being Loved by Nira Dabush |

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Circle of Being Loved

70 cm x 200 cm.The upper work show half of the was difficult to take the shots because of the size,done in 1987,as part of Fine Art project. "In the circle of LIFE,There are times that the SUN Rise,and there are times of cloudy days. find the beauty in every hour of you life. life is like the need the sun and the rain for appearance of colours... Life is a garden of delights,satisfaction, gratification..and chances for Happiness. the happiness is available...sometimes you have to catch ,capture it. The happiness is a bouquet that givven by LIFE. Dare to add piquant, spicy spices. Thanks for my LIFE ,for HEALTH,HAPPINESS ,LUXURIANCE,That were givven to me by LIFE. Life is Simple,a person can make it complicated. All treasures worth NONE,Without the happiness of being LOVED. LOVE is a treasure,that alot ignore. We have no control of the Wind...but we always directe the sail It is not important in life to get the best play..but it is important to play well the game that is in your hands."..I recived this text in Hebew in Power point show 1 pps out of 140 that still waits for me to be opened :-).I See this artwork, today as an inspiration to my next artwork.Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

John Graham Inkson 14 Apr 2009

A glorious spread of colours.

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 19 Oct 2006

Excellent colorful work, I like it.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Oct 2006


Thom Roslan 18 Oct 2006

This is soooooo kOOl.......Niri ! The color & design reminds me so much of the 60's POP Art scene......Rainbows upon rainbows......Awesome!!!

joan warburton 18 Oct 2006

Stunning colors and design!