Lady in White

Woman in White is an acrylic painting on canvas. 16 X 20

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Keerati Sarakun 03 Jan 2007

VeRy NiCe WoRK :)

andi luzi 02 Jan 2007

great! less is more.......

Jerrie Glasper 02 Jan 2007

compostion is strong in color. BUT --- it's too garish. ie. power red juxtaposed next to equally powerful white cause them to engage in a visual fight that tires the eyes and aggitates the viewer after a short period. choose colors that support one another such as secondary colors or colors that are next to one another on the color wheel. Also, the focal point is centered in the middle of the picture plane. This immoblizes the composition and makes it stagnant and stationary. choose colors that make the eyes dance.

William Boyer 31 Dec 2006

Nice job on all your work, have a happy new year.

Carliss Mora 29 Dec 2006

Superlative piece, Janie! Very fine artwork! Composition, color, balance, and all over effectiveness, shows your mastery of textures, and light! Love it!!