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Mormon Row Barn at Dawn

Early morning light illuminates a barn and the Grand Teton Mountains. This section of area is known as Mormon Row because back in the late 1800's,this area was homesteaded by a group of Mormon farmers etc. The more famous or popular barn photographed known as Moulton's Barn is down the opposite end of this road from where this barn is.


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Charlotte Ottilo 07 Oct 2006

I'm sooo jealous that you got to go back.. This is one fantastic photo ...Perfect lighting!

epsylon lyrae 05 Oct 2006

I love that beautifull warm gives things a wonderfull color :)

sylvia wadman 04 Oct 2006


Joanna Jungjohann 04 Oct 2006

Ah, excellent job!

Vivian Allen 04 Oct 2006

Man o man this is magnificent!! The color of the barn is an awesome contrast to the mountains. Fantastic photo...more than fantastic!

craig moline 03 Oct 2006

Beautiful shot. Wonderful composition and colors.

cynthia berridge 03 Oct 2006


Keith Mooney 02 Oct 2006

An incredible, timeless shot.

K L Marsala 02 Oct 2006

outstanding gary! breathtaking shot. i would love to see theresa rankin paint this...check her work out she would do this the justice it deserves on canvas. Beautiful work, just awesome

d wright 02 Oct 2006

wish i was here

debbie collier 02 Oct 2006

Beautiful shot!! Really awesome!

teresa greene 02 Oct 2006


Reba McDonald 02 Oct 2006

A fantastic shot Gary.

Anne Vis 02 Oct 2006

Beautiful shot, Gary!

joan warburton 02 Oct 2006

Absolutely incredible scenery. Beautiful photo!

jennifer blenkinsopp 02 Oct 2006

Fantastic photo and composition Gary.beautiful place.

bianca 02 Oct 2006

due to the fact that i have several of these and knnow area like my heart...i aam inspired by your capture.....and wanna dig into ,my treasure to show off a Gary FANTASTIC capture....when i look at this i float away to the spot and just dream.....i bet u were there at 6:30 am the way sun hit here.....Eh Morman Row.......i be there next year again.....i envy u bring this to the is missing big time on this ....most beautiful corner of the world....

Joke Schotting 02 Oct 2006

Beautiful landscape,Gary!!

thea walstra 02 Oct 2006

An outstanding, very beautiful photograph gary

Patty Day 02 Oct 2006

Beautiful shot!!!!

Loredana 02 Oct 2006


bert cortes 02 Oct 2006

Great photo and landscape, Gary. Bet is cold in the winter.

Emily Reed 02 Oct 2006

A really fabulous landscape!