Four Corners

I realize that this is not a great photo of this painting. It did not want to be photographed at all! This is the balance of all four corners, or the watch towers. Earth is represented by Grand Mother Willow and surrounded by celenite shavings. In the tree are jasper and jade chips.Air is symbolized by a white dove in flight, accented with clear quartz and amethyst. Water is represented by the dolphins playing in the water, accented with abalone and moonstone. Finally, fire is seen in the bright orange dun, accented in citrine, clear quartz and celestite.

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Natalie Mason 29 Sep 2006

Unique concept, I love this, the colours are wonderful, and so complimentary.

Artist Reply: Thank you Natalie! I am sorry to be so long in responding. I love stitching canvasses together in this way, it opens the door for so many different concepts.