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Bob Marley for Chekere Jazz

For my friend at Chekere Jazz in Barcelona i painted Bob Marley on the Front of his Bar.Had to do it in just a few hours since my bus to Madrid (where i am now) was leaving.Here in Madrid i got a warm welcome of Anna who was eager to see the paintings i brought with me and is now at this moment hanging them to have the exhibition ready this evening :).Tonight i have to return to Barcelona to be on time for the boat to Firenze in Italy again. My laptop is running a speach-recognition installation in the Mayday club.I have to go and get it and also more paintings to bring to Prague. Still maybe tomorrow i have a few hours in Barcelona to see if i have to make some changes to Bob.


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Emily Reed 27 Sep 2006

So cool to see you working on this fantastic piece. Awesome, Toon.

Tahnee Woolley 27 Sep 2006

amazing mural! fantastic art youve done there :)