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Star Trek-The Chase

(c)2006 In this episode, the Hood's replacement, the U.S.S. Potempkin, has escaped assimilation inside the Borg sphere and are being chased. The Borg are in pursuit in a small scout class Borg vessel. You will be watching the chase from the Borgs' point of view. Hope you enjoy this short animation. Have a good day everyone! :o)

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Anonymous Guest

Jay Amatangelo 25 Sep 2006

You just keep getting more and more complex with these. Keep them coming!!

stephanie atlee 23 Sep 2006

Very cool and a lot of fun...great job on this

Loredana 22 Sep 2006


Jessica Xu 22 Sep 2006

Hiya Gregg!Very fun!

Analua 22 Sep 2006

Simply marvelous and a great work Gregg!!!