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20 x 60 canvas. Limited Edition Giclee on canvas is Available. I have always liked to use an extra long format for both horizontal and vertical paintings. It allows for more open or negative spaces, which can add interest to a painting. This format has become very popular in recent years. After first seeing the koi, you may notice some friends among them.


Anonymous Guest

Analua 21 Sep 2006

Never ending of pleasure and talent!!!

Jeane Nevarez 16 Sep 2006

As always, your paintings are beautifully done and fill me with peace.

Nancy Woolweber 15 Sep 2006

Absolutely wonderful. I always look forward to your paintings.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Sep 2006

great overlapping of the reflection, its just subtle enough if the fish wern't moving. Great work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Sep 2006

I like the long format. I almost purchased the giclee of Turning Colors to put over my bed. Unfortunately I wanted As Luck Would Have It more and I couldn't afford them both. In a couple of months I am looking to purchase another one of your paintings (giclee) in the extra long format. I hope your publisher releases something soon. :)