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Anonymous Guest

Curtis Fleming 15 Jul 2007

wow - very nice surrealist image! great b&w use. great detail.

Jen G 04 Dec 2006


tony murray 05 Nov 2006

This is terrific! How did you come up with this convergence ?

tazda lawson 12 Oct 2006

Excellent work as always......super post of work.

Anonymous Guest 28 Sep 2006


Fred Chuang 27 Sep 2006

excellent imagery!

Analua 22 Sep 2006


Wanda Edwards 16 Sep 2006

I really like this, Christine!! Who, but you, could make fantastic art with light bulbs!!!

debbie collier 16 Sep 2006

Awesome work!!!

Brigitte Hintner 16 Sep 2006

Hi dear Christine , love this pencil work so much especially the black & white version ....very very creative ! Bravo !

Angel Estevez 15 Sep 2006

A composition of much imagination and excellent artistic concept really a very expressive work. Congratulations !

Terry Bassett 15 Sep 2006

Nice one Christine!.. there's something very attention grabbing about this..

Tahnja Wolter 15 Sep 2006

Bizarre but brilliant composition. I keep looking at it.

Izabella Pavlushko 15 Sep 2006

WOW what a beautiful composition, so much passion, love it !!!!!

Annamaria McDonald 15 Sep 2006

This is great! Congrats on Top 10!!!!

Courtenay Cannon 15 Sep 2006

I really love this, and it caught my attention as well. For some reason it reminded me of WW1, the industrialization of it all. Either way this is awesome.

Charles Thomas 15 Sep 2006

are those milkweed pods??? I like the concept and the execution, especially the contrast.

Chas Sinklier 14 Sep 2006

Too cool Christine - illuminating even -:0)

Carliss Mora 14 Sep 2006

Christine, this is out of sight!!!! I must have missed it somehow, but I see that you don't lack the comments! LOL Wonderful work Christine!!!

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 14 Sep 2006

Northern Lights!!! Fabulous concept. Quite unique! Love it!

Lawrence Hickman 14 Sep 2006

intresting and awsome beautifully done

Bluemoonshadow 14 Sep 2006

Very interesting artwork, Christine... I like the blue one a bit better as I can see more details.... Really neat drawing~!!

joan warburton 14 Sep 2006

This is so creative! Fantastic work!

Tanya Ray 14 Sep 2006

Fantastic drawing!

Tabitha Borges 14 Sep 2006

great still work love it.,..

hendrik arie baartman 14 Sep 2006

Very nice composition Christine, greetings.

Krystyna Wedrowska 14 Sep 2006

Great pencil, Christine,

Cathie Brock 13 Sep 2006

Wonderful work Christine, excellent...Cath xxx

Anonymous Guest 13 Sep 2006

This is an artwork of great quality. Sign it, because It's yours for sure.

Brandi Wilson 13 Sep 2006

great concept.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 13 Sep 2006

Great pencil work and thought provoking artistic expression,Christine !!!!God Bless!!!:)

thea walstra 13 Sep 2006

Creative and awesome work Christine

Olga van Dijk 13 Sep 2006

==Wow what an awesome drawing this is Christine... so full of detail... WONDERFUL!!==

Malin Hagman 13 Sep 2006

fantastic drawing Christine! Absolutely great! Love Malin

Ginger Lovellette 13 Sep 2006

Both images are very nice although I think I like the b/w one the best. Exceptional work, Christine!

Francis Rivera 13 Sep 2006

A very wonderful drawing! Very detailed! ^_^

Joke Schotting 13 Sep 2006


Ronald Levesque 13 Sep 2006

Hey...I LIKE it! Love the tonal range of the black & white--though the blue one is nice too.

Mary Janosik 13 Sep 2006

A wonderful piece, very imaginative and interesting!!! :)

Pat Abbott 13 Sep 2006

Very creative work, Christine.

Jennifer Sweeten 13 Sep 2006

That is soo kool! I love it...I'm simply mad about just mad!=-P

Timothy Hughes 13 Sep 2006

Fantastic abstract and composition Christine

Randy Kroll 13 Sep 2006

Excellent pencil work Christine!

Reba McDonald 13 Sep 2006

Great pencil work Christine.

Lynnette Zulli 13 Sep 2006

I Love It ! I Love It !! I Love it !!!

Penny Myers 13 Sep 2006

Very cool. One day I will learn how to do this kind of work.

corry stuart 13 Sep 2006

very detailed pencilwork nicely done Christine

Jay Amatangelo 13 Sep 2006

Very nice pencil work

Carmen Fuchs 13 Sep 2006

I love this, Christine. Very cool.

James Anderson 13 Sep 2006

Very Nice christine!

Gregory Edwards 13 Sep 2006

I llove your pencil drawing and especiallly like the enhansed one!!!

Nikolay Pavlushko 13 Sep 2006

Beautiful work.. Well done.

Tami Dykes 13 Sep 2006

ohhhhh! fine pencil work. Love the detail, it must have taken so long. This is awsome! God Bless you friend.

Mary Lou Cupp 13 Sep 2006

I Love this one....Always have; of course your Drawings and Photographs are Always Awesome; Superb and simply Fabulous!!!!! Not only Because you are my Sister....But Just Because you are My Favorite Artist!!!!! You Light Up My Life....!!!!! Love, Sister Mary

teresa greene 13 Sep 2006


cynthia berridge 13 Sep 2006

lovely work love the second one with beautiful colours

Jacqueline Bishop 13 Sep 2006

well done!

Hassan Pasha 13 Sep 2006

by jove you have left me speechless ... i mean talk about excuisite art ... my gosh .. i am in AWE ... this is MEGA AWESOME mannn .. like WOAHHHH ... this needs more than viewing .. send it to the modern art museum ... AMAZING WORK .. deserves a standing ovation

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 13 Sep 2006

surprising and beautiful work Christine!!!!

Blue Doll 13 Sep 2006

awesome artwork Christine....