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Prophetic Dream?

(c)2006 Perhaps your wondering why you haven't heard from me in a week? Well, a week ago, or so, the first Sunday after my birthday and the next day my sisters oldest sons birthday, I had a vivid dream that shook me up pretty bad. Early in the morning I was half awake, half asleep, when a very real dream started. Not like ordinary dreams,...but very real, I was really there. I was in my sisters house, on her oldest sons birthday, which in 2000 also was the very day they lost their dad, Jack. I didn't go to the party a few days ago, but I could see everything that had happened there. Also,...sitting in the big chair was Jack, watching his son's birthday. I stood and asked him why he was visiting, and he took me out of the room into a gigantic cave he said was on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsola. This cave was so large a small highrise building could fit inside. I became the tour guide speaking in English and some Spanish. Little kids were laughing and playing. Suddenly rocks start falling and the cave collapses. My attention now in the air outside, and the entire mountainside avalanches, or landslides, into the sea! A tremendous tidelwave spreads out into the lower Carribean Sea. Names of islands and places went through my mind,...Jamacia, Cuba, etc. will be hit the hardest. "the southern U.S. will, for the mostpart, be shielded by Cuba. Jack's voice told me to remember these numbers,...telo 16, 18, 19. It was so real and so scary that I was crying as I woke up. ?This means nothing by itself to most people. But 2 years ago,...two weeks before the sunami in the Indian Ocean, I had a vivid real dream too. I was going aboard an old British families yauht. This was the party after the main party the day before. Everyone was relaxing listening to a broadcast in english. As I came aboard I said I was Bond,....James Bond. The radio anouncer says an urgent message, earthquake has hit near Sumatra. Someone says in the room,..."Well,...there's going to be a tidalwave,...are we safe?" These yauhts were way up a large river and were safe. Then my attention was on a beach with a blonde haired white woman, her daughter and a brown skin local woman leaning up against a white wall at a resort. Suddenly, the ocean disappears so fast that fish are flopping on sand. Local people begin running out to collect the fish. When the native woman jumps up commanding the blonde woman to take her daughter and run for high ground. The three are running when a huge wave crashes into the shore whiping out everything. Massive destruction everywhere. And it was so real I woke up crying then too. That morning I went out for breakfast with a friend and told my dream to him. But we could only laugh about the James Bond part. Now every Christmas to New Years TBS shows a James Bond marathon which I've watched every year since they started doing it. When I heard on the news,...and saw the first videos of the sunami,...they were right out of my dream. Like someone had videotaped parts of my dream. I hope I'm wrong and look like an idiot this time. But I did this short animation of the air view I saw. It's not very accurate I'm sure.

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Anonymous Guest

Jay Amatangelo 12 Sep 2006

Gregg that is one heck of a dream. Let's hope it dosn't come true. Talk about crazy!

Emily Reed 09 Sep 2006

Gregg, you are prescient - it is a gift of the artist. Spin tingling stories.

Olga van Dijk 09 Sep 2006

==BRIGHT picture... interesting story, Greg!==

Loredana 09 Sep 2006


Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 08 Sep 2006

what a heavy and scary story (I don't know the right words).Your work is very interesting and great again. It has for me also the rithm of a beating heart. I don't know which meaning that can have..