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Naughty Naughty

I drew this picture last year... while thinking and brainstorming what Unica and Tourniquet's relationship would be like. Well, with this piece Tourniquet wanted so badly to see Unica in the blue leather dress he summoned from the netherworld. Unica didn't mind trying it on. Infact she thought it was quite nice and sexy. What surprised Unica was that the moment she put the dress on... Tourniquet couldn't wait to get her out of it!! Naughty Naughty Tourniquet!! Enjoy ^_^

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Emily Reed 27 Sep 2006

A really marvelous work! Just great!

Darius Purse 09 Sep 2006

Terrific work.

Patrick Boyle 08 Sep 2006

sexy funny!! well done

Renee Britton 08 Sep 2006

Get a Deviantart account~!! XD This is awesome!

Izabella Pavlushko 06 Sep 2006

Interesting work, love it.