Anonymous Guest

nikos kanellos 30 Oct 2006

I like this innocent and mostly sensitive work..

Jill Lang 16 Oct 2006

adorable. Very creative and fun

marlene Ross 15 Oct 2006

I love your style. Your use of color and design are such fun!!

Anne Vis 30 Sep 2006

So cute, Lynnda! Lovely work!

Leo Da 28 Sep 2006

Very cool and creative, Lynnda!

Nira Dabush 22 Sep 2006

HOOO...Lynnda alot of FUN here....great imaginative artwork!!

Analua 22 Sep 2006

What a delicious and marvelous work Lynnda!!!

bianca 22 Sep 2006

oh is she ever cute it....such a beautiful creation...

Steve Farr 19 Sep 2006

Very cute, Lynnda! I really like it!! Take care!! ^_^

gregg dutcher 15 Sep 2006

A super job,...and it's a painting too,!!!

Eddy collins 14 Sep 2006

nice work

Olga van Dijk 09 Sep 2006

=just love her!==

Deborah Martin 06 Sep 2006

Great fun and cute Lynnda!!!!

Chas Sinklier 06 Sep 2006

Talk about a cutie Lynnda - makes me want to hang out over at her neighbor's The Jetsons(TM) and buy some really cool mid-century stuff - She's Great - :0)

Jay Amatangelo 06 Sep 2006

Great painting! Very cute

Rita de Falussy 06 Sep 2006

How adorable! Great illustration!

Lucia Stewart 06 Sep 2006

Fabulous and sweet illustrative work!

Laurie Crouse 06 Sep 2006

Absolutely adorable Lynnda! Great work my friend!

Hassan Pasha 06 Sep 2006

we have T - 10 to lift off .. get your gear and ofcourse get your poodle and head for the rocket .. you miss the flight you'll have to wait a long wait for your ride back home ... heheheh ... Its adorable .. i love the poodle... awesome work

Anonymous Guest 05 Sep 2006

so cute!!!!

Ana Tirolese 05 Sep 2006

Excellent! Love it.

Carliss Mora 05 Sep 2006

How very creative, and cute! Excellent render Lynnda!

Doris B. Lambling 05 Sep 2006

cute, pretty, sweet, lovely, funny - seems to be a very friendly world out there :))

Lisa Willis 05 Sep 2006

I love the retro feel to it!

cynthia berridge 05 Sep 2006

so cute

Loredana 05 Sep 2006


thea walstra 05 Sep 2006

Another great, cute and beautiful design!

Joke Schotting 05 Sep 2006

Great and beautiful work,Lynnda!!!

Sam Fant 05 Sep 2006

very cool retro painting

Emily Reed 05 Sep 2006

What a sweetie, Lynnda!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 05 Sep 2006