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Portrait of the artist Adam Nankervis that I took in London at the Private View of the Biennale exhibition "Human Technology" just before performing "in the WAVe" in front of "DolpHEn Flag 1 or A:in the phonetic of Love" (part of the series of 3 Flags A-M-O). The photo was the first shoot in London deliberately taken for my "SHEren&dolpHEn" gallery. It represents a metaphorical beginning either for the A being the first letter of the alphabet and for the name ADAM that notoriously was the first man... even more surprisingly the portrait of ADAM (who I was very happy to meet by person after years of communications/collaborations by e-mails or post) really fits my cetacean poetic presently focusing on Music in the 250th birthday anniversary of Mozart. I came to know in fact, that the Salzburger Musician registered himself as Wolfgang ADAM Mozart in 1782 for his wedding in Wien and probably with the same name (indicated by A***) for the masonry. So ADAM Nankervis is really immersed in the atmosphere of his first name that can also be read in the Flag behind starting from the phonetic "A" on top right (on the hands playing the piano), going down to the bold "DA" (of SHErenaDa) to end with the "M" of Music that pervades the whole context; copyright by Laura Cristin

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Emily Reed 28 Aug 2006

Great shot! Great photo!