Autumn's Child Dahlia II

Autumn's Child Dahlia Fairy a recent cre8tion made by me from a Seminar taken from a very generous and talented clay sculptor Doll Artisan Aidamaris Roman. The tiara was handmade by me as well using tiny handmade paper flowers and curled satin baby thin ribbons in coordinating colors affixed over a brass wire tiara.hand created with love for the little fairy baby I cre8ted from just a bit of polymer clay over a wire armature. Since she is a baby fairy she has not quite learned to fly, so she comes equipped with her hanger so she can get practice from time to time. ©2006 ©re8tive_Babe. All rights reserved.

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Armando Salas 09 Oct 2006

Anothe beauty. Adorable!

Artist Reply: Thank you my friend, I appreciate coments coming from you. Inspires me to do more. Love Halloween and have some minis I am working on. Hope to post images of them before the holliday arives.