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Blissful Glee

sitting atop a rock adorning a blissful glee, leaving behind all his worries our smiling man had flee graciously agreeing to model for this photograph is my colleague,the picture was taken last september at one of the rivers flowing in Kashmir-Pakistan

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Christine brand 22 Jan 2007

IT IS WONDERFUL TO SEE HAPPINESS FLOW LIKE A RIVER HASSAN. I HOPE YOU ALL ARE SAFE THERE, REALLY I DO. even though we do not think the same about everything I still love knowing you and making peace between our worlds when there is so much killing and fighting everywhere over the way people think about God. I do not want to fight or kill or hate anyone. I live in American and want you to know that from here I am very sad to see all the war especially between those who say they believe in God, no matter what faith, I do not believe God wants us to kill each other. He wants us to love and share and be kind. So I send my love to you and hope that we can truly be friends and bridge this span of time with peace. I am only one American but I wish love for our world, People can bring heaven to earth if they chose to love...Your servant and Friend Christine

Blue Doll 04 Oct 2006

wonderfull picture...... what a smile... and what a fun he have there... love it !!

Analua 21 Sep 2006


Anonymous Guest (IP: 03 Sep 2006

A happy moment in time...:) cristina andrisan

Doris B. Lambling 14 Aug 2006

another wonderful messenger of joy, Hassan :))