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Midnight..... There is no sound in the forest - only the phantom murmur of the far wind and the wind's shadow drifting as smoke through ebon branches; there a single star glistens in the heart of night.... A star! Look skyward now... and see above...INFINITY Vast and dark and deep and endless....your heritage: Silent clouds of stars, Other worlds uncountable and other suns beyond numbering and realms of fire-mist and star-cities as grains of sand.... drifting... Across the void.... Across the gulf of night.... Across the endless rain of years.... Across the ages. Listen! Were you the star-born you should hear That silent music of which the ancient sages spoke Though in silent words... Here then is our quest and our world and our Home. Come with me now, Pilgrim of the stars, For our time is upon us and our eyes shall see the far country and the shining cities of Infinity which the wise men knew in ages past, and shall know again in the ages yet to be. Look to the east....there shines the Morning Star...soon shall the sunrise come... We await the Dawn, Rise, oh eternal light; Awaken the World! With trumpets and cymbals and harp and the sound of glad song! And now... The clouds of night are rolled away; Sing welcome to the Dawn Of the bright new day! by Robert Burnham

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Angelina 30 Aug 2006


Vanessa Peterson 28 Jul 2006

Incroyable! Thank you so much for sharing this exquisite work and adding the Burnham text. You seem very in touch with your soul.

Artist Reply: thank you so much...everyday I try...

Emily Reed 27 Jul 2006

Very touching and inspiring!

Paul Pannell 27 Jul 2006

very cool and intresting

Leo Da 27 Jul 2006