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God Takes My Truck Home

(c)2006 When my truck was fire bombed I was at first very angry. I prayed for vengeance is Mine saith the Lord, claim the promise. I felt intense hatred for those who had attacked me through my property. I miss my green truck very much,...but it can be replaced,...and will be. My anger has cooled and now I feel,...and know,...compassion for those who did the wicked deed. I feel people who do such things should never have the privilage to drive themselves. And I pray that is their punishment. Thanks to all those who have stood by my side, in spirit, during this time. Hope you enjoy a wonderful summer. :O)

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Nira Dabush 14 Jul 2006

I'm sorry to hear about your truck,Gregg...But i must say your work is really wonderful,Great composition,colour use and Superb creativity...I'm sure you'll get a better one..

Ginger Lovellette 13 Jul 2006

Excellent work and I'm sorry about your terrible misfortune!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ginger and everyone. As a tribute to my truck, will still appear in my future drawings, will not die in my heart.

Jay Amatangelo 13 Jul 2006

WOW! I didn't know that happend. I must have been out of the loop. That is crazy, your truck was fire bombed. I feel for ya. I hope no one was hurt...If everyone is ok,a truck can be replace. You have a great attitude about this. I think I would be sitting on my yard with a shotgun! Oh ya great drawing to express this.

Artist Reply: Thanks Jay,...and like I said to everybody,...your kindness far, far brightens my day,...everyday,...rather than the dark deeds of a few despots. Thank you so much!

bianca thomas 12 Jul 2006


Mayme Crouse 12 Jul 2006

very nice Gregg.....and he is having a blast in heaven I am sure