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Butterflies for RENTE

I know alot of you would love to get dressed in my fabrics...:-))...I'm reading your comments you know..AND...I have a long list :-))waiting...So..from time to time...every once in a my TIME allow I'll post few artists friends,...Today...this is for Renate...a wonderful beautiful,feminine artist,who has her own unique MARVELOUS Art style......Once she commented on my butterflies silk,like this :" 22-May-06 09:34 AM - Renate Dartois: Gorgeous design work Nira-love the colors would not mind owning one of these lovely scarfs. "...To you dear Renate,who support my art,for quite along time now... (1.5 years :- )...WITH LOVE...From ME...Copyrights (c)Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

Basant Soni 21 Jan 2013

An artistic work & presentation ..

John Cappello 01 Aug 2012

What a Very good Work,so vital so inspiring Great Showmanship

Joyce Goldin 07 Jun 2008


Michael Forbus 21 Sep 2007

This is fabulous image of Renate and your absolutely gorgeous fabrics. So genius your work. Michael

gilberte vermeulen 31 Mar 2007

What a feast of colours ! Bravo !

andi luzi 17 Dec 2006

outstanding...... fantastic work!

mohamed abotalib 09 Jul 2006

Excellent work

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 06 Jul 2006

You have a great sense of beauty and harmony and a brilliant eye for colour. Reante looks really lovely. Delightful!

Les Jobes 26 Jun 2006

Renate looks GORGEOUS!! So cool, and comfortable, as well as very stylish and beautiful in your incredibly designed garment! How delightful is this!!! {{hugs}} Excellent stuff Nira! :o)

Dawn Bigford 26 Jun 2006


José Fortunato 26 Jun 2006

Simply beautiful !!!!!!!!!

Rebecca Mullan 26 Jun 2006

OMG this is incredible !! LOVE IT so much Nira!! Beautifully done and a fabulous tribute to Renate !

geoff cooper 25 Jun 2006

wonderful composition..

Thom Roslan 24 Jun 2006

WOW....kOOl design and beautiful model too.........Well done Niri!!!

Artist Reply: THanks alot Thomi for the wow...:-))...indeed she's a very beautiful model....

Alberto D'Assumpcao 24 Jun 2006

You have do a fabulous work with Renate!!! She his so beautiful, Nira!!! Splendid composition, my friend!!!

Emily Reed 24 Jun 2006

How awesome!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 24 Jun 2006

Beautiful creative art Nira!!!!!!!!!!:)

Kathi Perry 24 Jun 2006

Beautiful Nira...very nice design, Renate is going to love this! Great job. :)

bianca thomas 24 Jun 2006


joan warburton 24 Jun 2006

Oh, Renate will love this! What a beautiful image! I love this pose!

Femi Johnson 24 Jun 2006

absolutely stunning work with a beautiful subject Nira

Reba McDonald 24 Jun 2006

Wow. Super.

Loredana 24 Jun 2006


Gregory Edwards 24 Jun 2006

You have done wonderful and outstanding here with this surrealism realm of a 3d you to and fro as enriched colours exchange glances in reciprocal laughfter in another time aprise... Best way:)

Artist Reply: Thanks ALOT ,Gregori..for such wonderful really looking at this piece and appreciate it...

thea walstra 24 Jun 2006

Creative and awesome/funny work Nira

Artist Reply: thanks alot ,thea!...glad you like it

Penny Myers 24 Jun 2006

These are so cool. I love them. Great colors.

Artist Reply: THANKS ALOT ,Penny....glad u love it!!..

Laurie Brookes 24 Jun 2006

Oh, Nira! Your stunning talent SHINES! I love the 'halo' of fabric above her head and she looks even more beautiful in this glamorous and colorful outfit!

Artist Reply: Thanks alot,Laurie...glad you love this...have a wonderful day...!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 24 Jun 2006

beautiful, just beautiful!! THIS IS BEAUTY FOR A BEAUTY!! You did it again, you are fantastic dearest Nira!!!!

Angelina 24 Jun 2006

what a lovely tribute , and a fab cat suit !!!

Chris Williams 24 Jun 2006

brilliant mixed media so skillful

Chris Williams 24 Jun 2006

brilliant mixed media so skillful