"Fortitude" is defined as the "strength that enables one to overcome adversity with courage" - and I feel this really fits the spirit of the Bobcat, as it does so many other "big cats".

"Fortitude" is a part of a very special project, the "Mural Mosaic - Earth's Treasure Chest". I was invited, along with over 200 other of Canada's elite wildlife artists, to participate in this wonderful mural in support of CPAWS. Visit Mural Mosaic for more information, and to see how the mural looks with everyone's art together! The originals from the mural are being auctioned off individually (on eBay) starting November 10th, 2006. Check the mural site for more info, or for your chance to bid on the original "Fortitude"!

"Fortitude" is 16" x 16", and is a somewhat non-traditional scratchboard... it is a wooden panel, prepped with gesso, and etched with an X-Acto knife. Each hair is carved in, and then paint is added, giving it a very life-like texture. For more info on this technique, visit my Scratchboard & Acrylic tutorial.

Thanks in advance to all those who comment and view this image - your feedback means a lot to me!


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 25 Jun 2014

Fantastic feline artwork

Kathryn Arruda 21 Apr 2008

Flawless technique and most beautiful! More than technically brilliant, you have also captured the intense spirit of this cat.!

Linn Österberg Larsson 06 Jun 2007

you are so amazing!

Mylinda Crane 20 Oct 2006

Wow!!! You do some beautiful work! They look so real, absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Claudia Huefner 15 Sep 2006

Great work!!

debbie collier 01 Sep 2006


Leo Da 24 Jul 2006

nive work.

Joanne Harvey 20 Jul 2006

I think everyone else said it all!...All that is left to say is...OUTSTANDING....PERFECTION!!!

Lynnette Zulli 19 Jul 2006

OH MY.....How blessed you are!! and are we who have and opportunity to see such EXCELLENTLY AMAZING work ... God Bless you for sharing your Art and your techniques...OH MY

mc williams 19 Jul 2006

great work, just renders me speechless. nice job...

Vivian Allen 17 Jul 2006

Extremely fine art! Great attention to detail in your wonderful work! It has a 3D effect and is so very lifelike and beautiful!!

Katie Z 12 Jul 2006

Amazing, I'm speechless. The technique you use gives a beautiful effect, the fur looks really luxurious... well all of it is amazing

Steve Farr 11 Jul 2006

This is excellent, Christina!! I luv this image!! You're such a talent!! Take care!! ^_^

Jeane Nevarez 08 Jul 2006

This is beautiful. I cannot imagine the painstaking care it must take to do all that texture! It looks very real and so soft.

Olga van Dijk 04 Jul 2006


Jacqueline Bishop 28 Jun 2006

this is so cool . i got to give this a try soon! just need to find the boards first. LOL ZAZ

Anonymous Guest 25 Jun 2006

Fantastic work, unbelievably real, Joanne Woolley:)

Anonymous Guest 25 Jun 2006

Totally awesome, inspiring work:)

Chris Williams 25 Jun 2006

this is so special

Fiona Hooper 25 Jun 2006

Breathtaking work, Christina!!!

Reba McDonald 24 Jun 2006

Very realistic work Christina.

Anne Kelty 24 Jun 2006

This is a wonderful rendering. Excellent detail and shadows.

Renata Cavanaugh 23 Jun 2006

Brilliant work Christina

Sondra Ertzberger 21 Jun 2006

I'm so amazed!!!!

C DeMaio 21 Jun 2006

AMAZING work Christina. The details are amazing.

Les Jobes 20 Jun 2006

WOWWEE!! Incredible talent you have Christina.. blows my socks off!! This is BRILLIANT! :o)

Emily Reed 20 Jun 2006

How awesome!

Ruth Tyson 20 Jun 2006

absolutely stunning Christina, the fur looks so soft and luxurious.

David Larson 20 Jun 2006

wonderful texture on this

Ana Tirolese 20 Jun 2006

OMG this is AMAZING!!! This is absolutely stunning work. I can't get over how realistic and photorealistic you get scratch board. Wow.

bianca thomas 20 Jun 2006

in the eye of this one i feel strength and power.....awsome work...

Loree Harrell 20 Jun 2006

Incredible, Christina - your work is absolutely top drawer.

Mi MItchell 20 Jun 2006

Really really nice work.

bert cortes 20 Jun 2006

Exccellent painting, Christina, you have done a great job.

LouAnn Knight 20 Jun 2006

What a beauty. You have such a special touch. Better than a photo.. gorgeous detail!!!

v blair 20 Jun 2006

Truly beyond words amazing!

Ginger Lovellette 20 Jun 2006

Excellent! You are one fantastic artist!

Anne Vis 20 Jun 2006

You are such a master at this, Christina! Awesome work!

Gary Glass 20 Jun 2006

very nice and detailed Christina.. beautiful work on the eyes.

Jennifer Hewitt 20 Jun 2006

wow it looks real! it is amazing!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Jun 2006

beautiful work!! inbelievable! TOP!!!

Pat Merewether 19 Jun 2006

Wow - this is so amazing - it must have taken you many hours - looks so real - congrats on the mural invite - I'm sure this will be the best!

Bluemoonshadow 19 Jun 2006

Amazing artwork... my scratchboard looks nothing like this one..;) Cheers, Blue

Christine brand 19 Jun 2006

Incredibly Real!! Way above the top!!!

thea walstra 19 Jun 2006

Excellent, very beautiful work

eileen martin 19 Jun 2006

wow, just when i thought your last piece couldn't be topped, then you do this, it is incredible:)

joan warburton 19 Jun 2006

Incredibly beautiful work!

Roger Anderson 19 Jun 2006

WOW...FANTASTIC 10+++++++ Christina

Penny Myers 19 Jun 2006


Analua 19 Jun 2006

Thank you for your marvelous explanation of your magnificient work tecnique Christina! Admirable marvelous art!!!!

Anonymous Guest 19 Jun 2006

Excellent christina, congrats on the mural project