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Comfort, when the aching is never ending.


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Vernonette Gaddy 04 Feb 2016

Supremely created, and spiritually comforting art!!!!!

Artist Reply: Your words brighten my day, thank you Vernonette.

yves colas 10 Aug 2014

veruy sweet,and romantic,nice idea and realisation,excellent art.well done my friend.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Yves!

Anne Whiteway 25 Apr 2014

Anneke, this has deep emotional feelings and is so well achieved. Another masterpiece from YOU.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Anne!

Pamela Rivera 16 Dec 2013

wow! what a vision:)

Artist Reply: Thank you very much, Pamela!

Sigridur Bachmann 22 Nov 2010

This is a master piece my friend ! Perfect impression on the girl face ! What a fabulous and well done painting !

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Sigga! Have a beautiful weekend!

Becca Hanson 25 Oct 2010

Beautiful, and it says so much!!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your beautiful comment, Becca!

Nina Anthonijsz 25 Aug 2009

Anneke, this is my favorite drawing by you. The expression on her face is so real and the entire image speaks love and compassion. Truly beautiful!!

Artist Reply: What a beautiful words to my work, Nina! Thank you so very much!

John Cappello 02 Apr 2009

So intricate and Intelligent, and intense, cunningly sophisticated. A freeing yet settling work that overcomes the complex truth that the blessings of good and peace are everywhere. Finely crafted. Filled with a well balance of characters, suave and passionate, without any strict procedure but in terms of great skill.It leaves us eagerly awaiting the next effort.

Artist Reply: I think, I have never had such a wonderful comment! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and sincere words, John!

Joanna Jungjohann 31 Mar 2009

omg what wonderful work, yes comfort, there is hope in comfort. beautiful!~

Artist Reply: Comfort is hope, when we are comforted our future looks better. :) Thank you very much for your wonderful comment, my friend.

Hedda Koenig 24 Feb 2009

i love it

Regina Coeli deWinter 05 Jan 2009

Absolutely warm and wonderful...I need an angel like that.

Artist Reply: I think we all have one, Regina. I hope yours will take good care of you. :)

Ethan Vaughn 04 Jan 2009

an inspirational work, im definitely motivated!

Artist Reply: I thank you for your thoughtful words, Ethan.

Elina Viljamaa 07 Dec 2008

very touching!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your kind comment, Elina!

Anna Grzesik 12 Oct 2008

This is just awsome,great choice in doing it in charcoal

Artist Reply: I'm very happy with the comment of a great artist like you, Anna! Thank you very much!

sharon simmons 18 Sep 2008

wonderful! (-isn't it fantastic how one title can be portrayed in so many different ways?)

Artist Reply: Yes, it is, I just saw yours. It's so very beautiful, Sharon. Thank you very much for visiting mine and leaving your kind words!

Sharon Lee 17 Sep 2008

This is so beautiful, Anneke. Your artwork is wonderful.

Artist Reply: I love your artwork, Sharon! Thanks a lot for the sweet comment to mine!

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 12 Sep 2008

So expressive - wonderfully done Anneke

Artist Reply: Hi Ann, I'm glad you like it. Thank you very much for the kind comment to my work.

Sonya Walker 29 Aug 2008

Very very nice Anneke

Artist Reply: Hi Sonya, thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comment.

Van Cordle 02 Aug 2008

This is wonderful Anneke!!

Artist Reply: I'm honoured by your visit, Van. Thank you very much!

Nira Dabush 15 Jun 2008


Artist Reply: I'm really happy with your words, Nira. Thank you very much!

Irmina Santaika 28 Apr 2008

Great expression!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Irmina.

Gavin North 24 Mar 2008

WOW Anneke, this is a really stunning work, simply beautiful

Artist Reply: Hi Gavin, thank you for visiting my gallery, your words are highly appreciated.

Dixie Fowler 21 Jan 2008

Beautiful concept!

isabelle juin 19 Nov 2007

Simply beautifull ! It touch.. nice feeling. I like a lot.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Feb 2007

very cool image!

Kelly Biggs 06 Feb 2007

I love beautiful. Fantastic!

Brigitte Hintner 06 Feb 2007

Great pencil drawing Anneke ....I guess, all of us sometimes need such great spirit behind us who gives a some comfort ! Beautifully done !!!

Olga van Dijk 21 Jan 2007

B E A IU T I F U L and touchy!--


Beautiful! I love it!

Thomas Jarrett 16 Jan 2007

Awesome pencil work, great detail and shading

Tom and Susan Repasky 04 Jan 2007

Oh, this is such an excellent image Anneke! To feel the presence of Spirit when one is low is an amazing thing!! You have captured that feeling here so well!! Excellent job!! ~S

Michele Collins 18 Nov 2006

Wonderful, very warming and comforting

Greg Vilton 18 Aug 2006

A very powerful image! Like the pose of the characters very much.

Renata Cavanaugh 21 Jul 2006

Beautiful pencil work

Emily Reed 09 Jul 2006

Magical and utterly charming!

Steve Farr 25 Jun 2006

I luv this, Anneke!! Great image!! Take care!! ^_^

Ilunia Felczer 22 Jun 2006

Beautiful done Anneke!!! I also have a painting with an angel and I call it angel of comfort. I guess when we think about angels we feel comfort

José Fortunato 22 Jun 2006

Beautiful pencil work !

C DeMaio 20 Jun 2006

Beautiful powerfull work, comfort in an angels embrace. Excellent pencil work.

Loredana 19 Jun 2006

This is just superb Anneke i adore the composition very tender & beautifully done :)

bianca thomas 18 Jun 2006

so beautiful.......

Jo Glasscock 17 Jun 2006

such sadness good job

Bev Chudey 17 Jun 2006

What a Beautiful image Anneke!!!!!

Lucia Stewart 17 Jun 2006

This is an excellent image, so touching it makes me want to cry!!!

Cristina Marsi 17 Jun 2006

Beautiful and powerful image :)

rosemary gioielli 16 Jun 2006

beautiful work