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Venice's Poor

The number of street` people and people begging on the streets is small in Venice - nothing like Baltimore or Washington. They also appear to be non-aggressive, generally taking a passive humble posture with head bowed. I have seen panhandlers approach and "get in your face" in the big U.S. cities. Poverty has a gentler face in Venice.

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Anonymous Guest

Richard Delay Sirs 12 Jul 2008

So very tragic.. and we do not help them.. Do we..?

Mary Janosik 26 Jun 2006

Life is not always a pretty picture, although these are wonderful photos. What went wrong in their lives that happens all over the world. This is a powerful reminder, thanks for sharing this side of Italy as well, Emily.

Lisa Brewer 22 Jun 2006

Excellent choice of images.

Sondra Ertzberger 21 Jun 2006

It's a daily thing I see every day , sometimes I buy a homeless person something to eat instead of giving out money to support thier habits :(

tazda lawson 16 Jun 2006

The day I was there in Venice there were more beggers than officer gladly walked us to our was something I was used to since I was previously in Egypt....Stilll wonderful photo.....