Daffy and Taz

Drawn when I was in a creative mood one afternoon not too long ago! I love the Looney Tunes characters and I think they're great to draw! Thank you for viewing:)


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A DAHL 19 Aug 2006

You have a good handle on drawing these characters. Keeps exploring alternative media. I'm curious to see your original characters. Good stuff.

Artist Reply: thank you for the lovely comment..if you are meaning my own characters then number 5 in my portfolio is my own, called Fang :)

chuck vest 09 Jul 2006

Looneys are a personal favorite of mine too....i really like this piece of work you've done...the lettering behind adds so much......your great Tahnee

Artist Reply: comments like this really brighten up your day..thank you very much :)

bill luke 29 Jun 2006

Isn't creativity a wonderful thing? It takes you places all of them your own but to be shared with the rest of the world! Keep doing those wonderful things and joy be with You....

Artist Reply: thank you for the wonderful comment..really appreciated :)

Joanne Woolley 24 Jun 2006

Pity you didnt use a bigger piece of paper for this just to fit that little bit more on! Apart from that, this is wonderfully vibrant and eyecatching, keep it up:)

Artist Reply: yes i didnt think it would turn out so big lol :)

Stacy Steinman 17 Jun 2006


Artist Reply: thank you :)

Joanne Harvey 15 Jun 2006

Ecellent Work!!! I love it!

Artist Reply: aww..thank you :)

Rully Fachrul Alam 15 Jun 2006

you have a very keen sight! good sense of precision.

Artist Reply: thank you :)

John A Birch 14 Jun 2006

Very good...you have a talant.

Artist Reply: thank you, very kind of you to say :)

Emily Reed 13 Jun 2006

Just so cute! Adorable!

Artist Reply: Thank you, I love Looney Tunes. Glad you like it, Tahnee :)