Polymer Clay & Felt Play Time

I Have been sculpting with clay since the late 80's using a salt bread dough recipe and later in the 90's I found Super Sculpey and recently found some of my old 90's handmade sculpted babies I made and I decided to create a small teddy bear hand sewn together from felt recently so I am displaying them together for this picture. The teddy bear is the 1st of I hope many more I would love to create. He is fully poseable with string jointed parts, black onyx bead eyes and a sewn on nose and features. He is 3 1/2 inches tall when standing. He was made by a pattern I created myself. The clay babies are all quite small as well as you can see from the quarter in the image with them.©Andrea Renee Herrera 1988-2006

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Armando Salas 08 Jun 2006

Wow, so busy you're! Yabba-dabba-doooh...!!! :-)))

Artist Reply: I have been trying LOL