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Mermaid's Keepsake

One of my smallest paintings i have done worked on vellum board in mixed media has a little bit of everything ,colored pencils,acrylics,gouage and a hint of pastels.

I have a lot of keepsakes the little sailing boat i'm holding i picked up from the Greek Island Thasos last time i visited.

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John Cappello 10 Mar 2015

Beautiful Mermaid, love the colors and the life in this painting.

LaChrisa Brown 07 Mar 2008

beautiful hair!!!!!!!

Karie Goffic 12 Feb 2008

awesome work, absolutely beautiful!

Olga van Dijk 24 Sep 2006

--Katerina, what an awesome job did you do here.... She is Miss Beautiful, and you painted a wonderful image of her!! It's really BREATH-TAKING!--

James Battersby 24 Sep 2006

WOW, even more beautiful than i imagine, my goodness. I had only seen a little of the picture previous ( the top half) and now..........now, breathtaking, and her long hair....a personal favourite of Mr Battersby without a doubt, and those curls, those loose and beautiful curls rendered by the hands of one fine artist......i am glad i see this artwork here;)