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Final Class Project

I don't expect anyone to rate this highly :-D It's a montage of the 20 5x7" panels that I had to paint for my final project. It took three weeks to do. It was really tough to paint the same picture over and over again. I ended up getting a B+ on it and an overall mark of B+ in my class. I'm very happy. Now I get to paint/draw my own stuff!


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Chris Williams 21 May 2006

a great idea

Michael Loveless 20 May 2006

neat effect!

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 20 May 2006

Interesting composition, I like it.


Like the darkness to the light, and the way the backgrounds change with the seasons and the time. Great design work.

Artist Reply: Thanks :-) Some of them do reflect the seasons more than others! Some also feel more day or night, oddly enough.

Shari Morfin 19 May 2006

I like the pattern effect.