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Rachel York 28 Sep 2007

I love it so much!!

Micah Rau 05 Feb 2007


Christine brand 05 May 2006

Looks like there was such a soul struggle...beauty without turmoil within...all is not what it seems...I like the harsh reality of this work...very indicative of what the effect of others, the world and life can do to a heart and mind or what we do to ourselves in different ways...or perhaps it means something even more unfathomless....could be so many things...whatever it is, it is shocking and really evokes a reaction...If it is you I pray that the sorrow and heartache is lifted and love heals your wounds..if not then whoever or whatever this symbolizes still needs the care of others...the world is not one person alone but many as one...take care ...I am thinking and hoping for the best for you and all including myself...perhaps this is only a fictional thing...yet it is there in all its' utter despair. so if you need someone to talk with I am here...I have known sorrow in depths not many have and am still believing in the love of the heavens and God, only because of the Miracle of Christ...otherwise this may have been me.

debbie braswell 05 May 2006


Analua 05 May 2006

My God! SUPERB!!!!!!!!