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DEMONIC DECEIVERS:  Darwinean Evolution

(c) 2006 Elton Houck...

RED BOOK: "DEMONIC DECEIVERS: Darwinean Evolution"

Demonic Deceivers is a sub-series within the Red Book. It is a rejection of all the lies Satan (like a black widow spider) has woven and trapped men within his web of deceit.

This is from THE RED BOOK..a hard covered spiral bound chapbook of 43 original individual paintings and drawings each measuring 4.5" X 7" on black acid free paper.
The works in this chapbook begin in 2002 and continue into 2006.The work includes acrylic paint, pages grounded with white gesso, pages grounded with black gesso, and workds using India inks, gel pens, acrylic paint , colored pencils, pastels, crepas, and any combination of the mix.

If your heart cries out to get the gospel to the persecuted while there is time,,,THE VOICE OF THE MARTYRS has a subsidary mission wing for distrubiting Bibles to eager seekers in China...If you would like to be a part of this great latter day Harvest, here is the URL :

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Anonymous Guest

Thomas Broadfoot 05 May 2006

Interesting use of shapes and colors

Analua 04 May 2006

A fantastic great work!!!!

Ginger Lovellette 04 May 2006

You just amaze me! Don't know how you keep coming up with great designs!

Homayra Amirzada 04 May 2006

interesting and colorful perspective.. very deep

Joke Schotting 04 May 2006

Very interesting work!!!